Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics

Level 4
Erskine Building
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 369 2233


Academic staff

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Jennifer Brown

Head of School / Data Science Co-ordinator
Jack Erskine 400
Internal Phone: 95892

Gunter Steinke

Associate Professor
Deputy Head of School
Jack Erskine 603
Internal Phone: 92426

Liz Ackerley

Senior Tutor
MATH199 (STAR) Co-ordinator
Jack Erskine 422
Internal Phone: 92490

Rick Beatson

Jack Erskine 602
Internal Phone: 92470

Cameron Bell

Senior Tutor
Jack Erskine 410
Internal Phone: 92352

Brendan Creutz

Senior Lecturer
Jack Erskine 612
Internal Phone: 92471

Giulio Dalla Riva

Jack Erskine Rm 710
Internal Phone: 90278

Irene David

Senior Tutor
100-Level STAT Co-ordinator / Director of Teaching (Tutors)
Jack Erskine 500
Internal Phone: 92439

Hannes Diener

Erskine 622
Internal Phone: 92475

Fabian Dunker

Jack Erskine 703

Gabor Erdelyi

Visiting Lecturer
Jack Erskine Rm 616

Daniel Gerhard

Senior Lecturer
Postgraduate Co-ordinator
Jack Erskine 611
Internal Phone: 92440

Phillipa Gourdie

Senior Tutor
100-Level MATH Co-ordinator
Jack Erskine 424
Internal Phone: 92464

Jenny Harlow

Senior Tutor
Erskine 421
Internal Phone: 95986

Mark Hickman

Senior Lecturer
400-Level Co-ordinator
Jack Erskine 613
Internal Phone: 92450

Alex James

Associate Professor
Jack Erskine 624
Internal Phone: 92425

Patrick Kearney

Senior Tutor
Erskine 410
Internal Phone: 92352

Ngin-Tee Koh

Jack Erskine 701
Internal Phone: 92461

Thomas Li

Jack Erskine 720
Internal Phone: 93052

Jeanette McLeod

Senior Lecturer
Jack Erskine 610
Internal Phone: 92491

Elena Moltchanova

Associate Professor
Head of the Statistics Consulting Unit
Jack Erskine 600
Internal Phone: 92454

Clemency-Jane Montelle

Associate Professor
Jack Erskine 711
Internal Phone: 92479

Miguel Moyers Gonzalez

Senior Lecturer
Jack Erskine 700
Internal Phone: 92467

Rua Murray

Associate Professor
Jack Erskine 604
Internal Phone: 92389

Michael Plank

Associate Professor
EMTH Co-ordinator
Jack Erskine 614
Internal Phone: 92462

Christopher Price

Associate Professor
300-Level MATH Co-ordinator
Jack Erskine 601
Internal Phone: 92447

Marco Reale

Associate Professor
Financial Engineering Co-ordinator
Jack Erskine 722
Internal Phone: 92463

Blair Robertson

Senior Lecturer
Director of Teaching (STAT)
Jack Erskine 713
Internal Phone: 92468

David Rodda

Senior Tutor
Primary-Secondary School Liaison
Jack Erskine 420
Internal Phone: 92428

Carl Scarrott

Associate Professor
200/300-Level STAT Co-ordinator
Jack Erskine 721
Internal Phone: 92472

Hilary Seddon

Senior Tutor
Jack Erskine 423
Internal Phone: 92429

Charles Semple

Jack Erskine 621
Internal Phone: 92152

Mike Steel

Distinguished Professor
International Student Co-ordinator / Director of Research
Jack Erskine 623
Internal Phone: 92153

Rachael Tappenden

Jack Erskine 714
Internal Phone: 92437

Varvara Vetrova

Postgraduate Support
Jack Erskine 712
Internal Phone: 92473

Geertrui Van de Voorde

200-Level MATH Co-ordinator
Jack Erskine 724
Internal Phone: 95641

Felipe Voloch

Jack Erskine 723
Internal Phone: 92427

Nick Ward

Jack Erskine Rm 620
Internal Phone: 90231

James Williams

Jack Erskine 704
Internal Phone: 94788

Phillip Wilson

Senior Lecturer
Director of Teaching (MATH)
Jack Erskine 702
Internal Phone: 92438

Helen Rowley

Senior School Administrator
Jack Erskine 401
Internal Phone: 95891

Leigh Davidson

School Administrator
Jack Erskine 402
Internal Phone: 95820

Lucia Youn

Administration Assistant
Jack Erskine Rm 403
Internal Phone: 95890

Computer Support staff

Paul Brouwers

Programmer Analyst
Jack Erskine 413
Internal Phone: 93155

Steve Gourdie

Department IT Manager
ITCS Manager
Jack Erskine 411
Internal Phone: 95081

Allen Witt

Senior Programmer Analyst
Jack Erskine 414.3
Internal Phone: 92480

Postdoctoral Fellows


Dr David Baird

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Dr Qui Bui

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Ian Coope

Adjunct Associate Professor
Internal Phone: 6676

Michelle Louise Dalrymple

Adjunct Fellow / Head of Mathematics, Cashmere High School

John Hannah

Adjunct Senior Fellow
Internal Phone: 7685

Roger Jarquin

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Dr Michael McAleer

Adjunct Professor

Alasadair Noble

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Richard Penny

Adjunct Fellow
Jack Erskine 504
Internal Phone: 94793

Peter Renaud

Adjunct Senior Fellow
Internal Phone: 95990

Dr Patrick W. Saart

Adjunct Fellow

Simona Vita

Adjunct Fellow

Neil Watson

Adjunct Associate Professor

Ian Westbrooke

Adjunct Fellow

Nuttanan Wichitaksorn

Adjunct Fellow
Internal Phone: 8339

Professors Emeriti

Professor John Deely

Emeritus Professor

Roy Kerr

Emeritus Professor

David Wall

Jack Erskine 501
Internal Phone: 7678

Professor Brian Woods

Emeritus Professor


Dr Bill Baritompa


Bob Broughton


Dr Easaw Chacko


Dr Frank Lad


Bob Long


A W McInnes


Bill Taylor