Rua Murray

Associate Dean (Academic)Rua Murray

Jack Erskine 604
Internal Phone: 92389

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My core research is in the general area of dynamical systems. The subject is exciting because it is a meeting place for real applications, numerical computation and beautiful theorems. A lot of my work is on the probabilistic side of dynamical systems: this is called "ergodic theory", where one seeks to know about the statistical properties of complex systems. I have made significant contributions in "numerical ergodic theory": approximation of important dynamical objects on a computer, with confidence in the accuracy of the output, backed by mathematical rigour. My more applied work involves collaborators in ecology, energy and transport, engineering and the mathematics of medicine.

Recent Publications

  • Lam N., Murray R., Docherty PD., Te Morenga L. and Chase JG. (2022) The Effects of Additional Local-Mixing Compartments in the DISST Model-Based Assessment of Insulin Sensitivity. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 16(5): 1196-1207.
  • Lam NN., Docherty PD. and Murray R. (2022) Practical identifiability of parametrised models: A review of benefits and limitations of various approaches. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 199: 202-216.
  • Gallardo P., Murray R. and Krumdieck S. (2021) A sequential optimization-simulation approach for planning the transition to the low carbon freight system with case study in the North Island of New Zealand. Energies 14(11)
  • Laufer B., Docherty PD., Murray R., Jalal NA., Hoeflinger F., Reindl L. and Moeller K. (2021) Optimal Sensor Location in a Smart-Shirt to Measure Accurate Tidal Volumes during Abdominal and Thoracic Respiration. Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering 7(2): 574-577.
  • Lam N., Docherty PD., Murray R., Chase JG. and Morenga LT. (2020) Using the Adapted Levenberg-Marquardt method to determine the validity of ignoring insulin and glucose data that is affected by mixing. IFAC-PapersOnLine 53(2): 16341-16346.