P Martin

ProfessorPhilippa Martin

John Britten Rm 114
In order for technology to serve a diverse society, we need diverse perspectives incorporated into its design.

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Research Interests

My primary research area is communication system and algorithm design. Research themes within this area include reduced complexity algorithms, high throughout system and modulation design, and incorporating more realistic assumptions and models into my research.

Technology has an ever increasing impact on our daily lives. The world has some massive challenges, which need to be solved. It is more critical than ever to have a diverse group of people designing the next generation of technology to serve our diverse society. This leads to an increasing need for socio-technical design for 5G and eventually 6G communication systems.

My research spans from the highly technical engineering of channel models, error control coding, detection, equalization and decoding, coded modulation, cognitive radio, mmwave communications etc, through to engineering education research and then on to diversity, equity and inclusion research.

Recent Publications