Milo Kral

ProfessorMilo Kral

International Director of Studies
Mechanical Engineering E501
Internal Phone: 92102

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include: magnesium casting alloy development; creep in wrought magnesium alloys; high temperature corrosion processes in stainless steels; biomaterials wear testing; production methods for optimizing mechanical properties in al-si casting alloys; intermetallics in al-si alloys; precipitation mechanisms in titanium alloys; and use of electron diffraction (EBSD, SAD, CBED etc) for research.

Recent Publications

  • Beardsley AL., Bishop CM. and Kral MV. (2019) A Deformation Mechanism Map for Incoloy 800H Optimized Using the Genetic Algorithm. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science 50(9): 4098-4110.
  • Brice CA., Tayon WA., Newman JA., Kral M., Bishop CM. and Sokolova A. (2018) Effect of compositional changes on microstructure in additively manufactured aluminum alloy 2139. Materials Characterization 143: 50-58.
  • Kral MV., Maher CM. and McSwain RH. (2018) Failure analysis of a brazed, stainless steel fuel injection line. Engineering Failure Analysis 88: 54-62.
  • Loporcaro G., Pampanin S. and Kral MV. (2018) Estimating Plastic Strain and Residual Strain Capacity of Earthquake-Damaged Steel Reinforcing Bars. Journal of Structural Engineering 144(5) 04018027: 9.
  • Beardsley AL., Bishop CM. and Kral MV. (2016) EBSD characterization of pilgered alloy 800H after heat treatment. Materials Performance and Characterization 5(5): 717-739.