Jeanette McLeod

Senior Lecturer Above the BarJeanette McLeod

Postgraduate Coordinator
Jack Erskine 610
Internal Phone: 92491

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Combinatorics; in particular asymptotic enumeration, Latin squares, graph colouring and random graphs

Recent Publications

  • McLeod JC., Wilson PL., Pomeroy D. and Alderton J. (2022) Crafting connections in post-COVID classrooms: learning university mathematics through craft. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology 53(3): 728-737.
  • Hewapathirana IU., Lee D., Moltchanova E. and McLeod J. (2020) Change detection in noisy dynamic networks: a spectral embedding approach. Social Network Analysis and Mining 10(1)
  • James A., McLeod J., Hendy S., Marks K., Rusu D., Nik S. and Plank MJ. (2019) Using family network data in child protection services. PLoS ONE 14(10)
  • McLeod JC., McKay BD. and Faller B. (2019) The r-switching-stable graphs. Discrete Applied Mathematics 266: 16-29.
  • James A., McLeod J., Rouco C., Richardson K. and Tompkins D. (2017) Spatial utilization predicts animal social contact networks are not scale-free. Royal Society Open Science 4(12) 171209: 13.