Euan Mason

ProfessorEuan Mason

School of Forestry Rm 142
Internal Phone: 92071


Research Interests

Research interests include silviculture, growth and yield modelling, applications of artificial intelligence, decision-support systems for forest management and New Zealand School of Forestry Software.

Recent Publications

  • Appiah Mensah A., Holmström E., Petersson H., Nyström K., Mason EG. and Nilsson U. (2021) The millennium shift: Investigating the relationship between environment and growth trends of Norway spruce and Scots pine in northern Europe. Forest Ecology and Management 481
  • Kc M., Mason EG. and Bown HE. (2021) The influence of stocking levels, clone, fertilization, and weed control on surface CO2 efflux in a mid-rotation Pinus radiata D. Don plantation in Canterbury, New Zealand. Journal of Forestry Research
  • Salekin S., Bloomberg M., Morgenroth J., Meason DF. and Mason EG. (2021) Within-site drivers for soil nutrient variability in plantation forests: A case study from dry sub-humid New Zealand. Catena 200
  • Salekin S., Catalán CH., Boczniewicz D., Phiri D., Morgenroth J., Meason DF. and Mason EG. (2021) Global tree taper modelling: A review of applications, methods, functions, and their parameters. Forests 12(7)
  • Salekin S., Mason EG., Morgenroth J., Bloomberg M. and Meason DF. (2021) Hybrid height growth and survival model for juvenile Eucalyptus globoidea (Blakely) and E. bosistoana (F. Muell) in New Zealand. Forest Ecology and Management 490