Euan Mason

ProfessorEuan Mason

School of Forestry Rm 142
Internal Phone: 92071


Research Interests

Research interests include silviculture, growth and yield modelling, applications of artificial intelligence, decision-support systems for forest management and New Zealand School of Forestry Software.

Recent Publications

  • Appiah Mensah A., Holmström E., Petersson H., Nyström K., Mason EG. and Nilsson U. (2021) The millennium shift: Investigating the relationship between environment and growth trends of Norway spruce and Scots pine in northern Europe. Forest Ecology and Management 481
  • Salekin S., Bloomberg M., Morgenroth J., Meason DF. and Mason EG. (2021) Within-site drivers for soil nutrient variability in plantation forests: A case study from dry sub-humid New Zealand. Catena 200
  • KC M., Mason EG. and Bown HE. (2020) Linking above-ground biomass production to below-ground carbon fluxes across stocking, clone, fertilization, and understory elimination in Pinus radiata D.Don plantations, New Zealand. Forest Ecology and Management 477
  • Mohan KC., Mason EG., Bown HE. and Jones G. (2020) A comparison between traditional ordinary least-squares regression and three methods for enforcing additivity in biomass equations using a sample of pinus radiata trees. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 50: 1-16.
  • Rachid-Casnati C., Mason EG., Woollons RC. and Landsberg JJ. (2020) Modelling growth of pinus taeda and eucalyptus grandis as a function of light sums modified by air temperature, vapour pressure deficit, and water balance. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 50: 1-18.