Derek Li

Senior LecturerDerek Li

Civil/Mech E330
Internal Phone: 90549

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My research mainly focus on applying computer science and signal processing technologies in civil engineering area to make our city green and smart.
In particular, my current works cover non-destructive testing of water grid using acoustic waves, optimizing smart sensor network in infrastructures, energy harvesting from infrastructures and smart city.
I'm also interested in acoustic wave modeling, inverse scattering techniques and nonlinear inversion methods. My previous work also includes ocean environment inversion, underwater acoustics, underwater localization and robot navigation.

Recent Publications

  • Alexander J., Li Z., Lee P., Roxburgh C. and Davidson M. (2023) Laboratory and field experiment validations on the use of hydraulic transients for estimating buried water pipeline deterioration. Structural Health Monitoring 22(2): 814-831.
  • Li Z., Lee P., Fink M. and Murch R. (2023) Passive Measurement of Pressure Wave Speed in Water Pipelines Using Ambient Noise. : 1077-1084.
  • Li Z., Lee P., Fink M., Murch R. and Davidson M. (2023) Compressive sensing-based correlation sidelobe suppression for passive water pipeline fault detection using ambient noise. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 195
  • Li Z., Lee P., Fink M., Murch R. and Davidson M. (2022) Passive detection in water pipelines using ambient noise II: Field experiments. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 181
  • Alexander J., Li Z., Lee PJ., Davidson M. and Duan HF. (2021) Comparison of Numerical Models for the Interaction of a Fluid Transient with an Offline Air Pocket. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 147(5)