Ciaran Moore

Senior LecturerCiaran Moore

Link A302
Internal Phone: 90657

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I am interested in the nature and application of physical phenomena that occur on the micro- and nano-scale. This interest spans diverse topics such as lithograpy, plasmonics, microscopy, micro-electrical mechanical systems (MEMS), and bioelectrical sensors.

Recent Publications

  • Deshagoni RG., Auditore T., Rayudu R. and Moore CP. (2019) Factors Determining the Effectiveness of a Wind Turbine Generator Lightning Protection System. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 55(6): 6585-6592.
  • Goud RD., Auditore T., Rayudu R. and Moore CP. (2019) Frequency Domain Analysis of a Wind Turbine Generator Earthing System for Lightning Discharge Currents. IEEE Access 7: 60501-60512.
  • Colenso HR., Rafealov EZ., Maddah M., Plank NOV., Chen WT., Waterhouse GIN., Hao J., Gouws GJ. and Moore CP. (2018) Comparison of seed layers for smooth, low loss silver films used in ultraviolet-visible plasmonic imaging devices. Thin Solid Films 656: 68-74.
  • Masouleh FF., Sinno I., Buckley RG., Gouws G. and Moore CP. (2018) Characterization of conductive Al-doped ZnO thin films for plasmonic applications. Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing 124(2)
  • Moore CP. and Beard WL. (2017) Two-dimensional diffraction gratings for use with far-field superlenses. International Journal of Nanotechnology 14(1-6): 297-303.