Ciaran Moore

Senior LecturerCiaran Moore

Link A302
Internal Phone: 90657

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I am interested in the nature and application of physical phenomena that occur on the micro- and nano-scale. This interest spans diverse topics such as lithograpy, plasmonics, microscopy, micro-electrical mechanical systems (MEMS), and bioelectrical sensors.

Recent Publications

  • Babu RS., Colenso HR., Gouws GJ., Auguie B. and Moore CP. (2023) Performance Enhancement of an Ag-Au Bimetallic SPR Sensor: A Theoretical and Experimental Study. IEEE Sensors Journal 23(10): 10420-10428.
  • Warren A., Alkaisi MM. and Moore CP. (2023) Elliptically Polarized Plasmon Resonances for Optical Polarization and Phase Control. ACS Applied Optical Materials 1(1): 274-281.
  • Warren A., Alkaisi MM. and Moore CP. (2022) Finite-size and disorder effects on 1D unipartite and bipartite surface lattice resonances. Optics Express 30(3): 3302-3315.
  • Warren A., Alkaisi MM. and Moore CP. (2021) Subradiant resonances in Au and Ag bipartite lattices in the visible spectrum. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 39(6)
  • Deshagoni RG., Auditore T., Rayudu R. and Moore CP. (2019) Factors Determining the Effectiveness of a Wind Turbine Generator Lightning Protection System. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 55(6): 6585-6592.