Blair Robertson

Senior LecturerBlair Robertson

Jack Erskine 713
Internal Phone: 92468

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My recent research has focused on developing algorithms for numerical optimization problems, designing tree-based learners for classification problems and developing spatially balanced sampling designs for environmental monitoring.

Recent Publications

  • Price C., Reale M. and Robertson B. (2021) OSCARS-II: an algorithm for bound constrained global optimization. Journal of Global Optimization 79: 39-57.
  • Robertson B., van Dam-Bates P. and Gansell O. (2021) Halton iterative partitioning master frames. Environmental and Ecological Statistics
  • Robertson BL., Reale M., Price CJ. and Brown JA. (2021) Quasi-random ranked set sampling. Statistics and Probability Letters 171
  • Trinh XS., Ngoduy D., Keyvan-Ekbatani M. and Robertson B. (2021) Incremental unscented Kalman filter for real-time traffic estimation on motorways using multi-source data. Transportmetrica A: Transport Science
  • Curran M., Hodza P., Cox S., Lanning S., Robertson B., Robinson T. and Stahl P. (2020) Ground-level Unmanned Aerial System Imagery Coupled with Spatially Balanced Sampling and Route Optimization to Monitor Rangeland Vegetation. Journal of Visualized Experiments