Blair Robertson

Senior LecturerBlair Robertson

Jack Erskine 713
Internal Phone: 92468

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My recent research has focused on developing algorithms for numerical optimization problems, designing tree-based learners for classification problems and developing spatially balanced sampling designs for environmental monitoring.

Recent Publications

  • Price C., Reale M. and Robertson B. (2021) OSCARS-II: an algorithm for bound constrained global optimization. Journal of Global Optimization 79: 39-57.
  • Robertson B., van Dam-Bates P. and Gansell O. (2021) Halton iterative partitioning master frames. Environmental and Ecological Statistics
  • Robertson BL., Reale M., Price CJ. and Brown JA. (2021) Quasi-random ranked set sampling. Statistics and Probability Letters 171
  • Curran M., Hodza P., Cox S., Lanning S., Robertson B., Robinson T. and Stahl P. (2020) Ground-level Unmanned Aerial System Imagery Coupled with Spatially Balanced Sampling and Route Optimization to Monitor Rangeland Vegetation. Journal of Visualized Experiments
  • Curran MF., Cox SE., Robinson TJ., Robertson BL., Strom CF. and Stahl PD. (2020) Combining spatially balanced sampling, route optimisation and remote sensing to assess biodiversity response to reclamation practices on semi-arid well pads. Biodiversity 21(4): 171-181.