Blair Robertson

Senior LecturerBlair Robertson

Jack Erskine 713
Internal Phone: 92468

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My recent research has focused on designing algorithms for numerical optimization problems and developing spatially balanced sampling designs for environmental monitoring.

Recent Publications

  • Robertson BL., McDonald T., Price C. and Brown J. (2018) Halton iterative partitioning: spatially balanced sampling via partitioning. Environmental and Ecological Statistics 25(3): 305-323.
  • van Dam-Bates P., Gansell O. and Robertson BL. (2018) Using balanced acceptance sampling as a master sample for environmental surveys. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 9(7): 1718-1726.
  • Robertson BL., McDonald T., Price CJ. and Brown JA. (2017) A modification of balanced acceptance sampling. Statistics & Probability Letters : 107-112.
  • Price CJ., Reale M. and Robertson BL. (2016) Stochastic filter methods for generally constrained global optimization. Journal of Global Optimization (Early access online)
  • Wickramarachchia DC., Robertson BL., Reale M., Price CJ. and Brown J. (2016) HHCART: An oblique decision tree. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 96: 12-23.