Andy Buchanan

Andy Buchanan

Emeritus Professor of Timber Design

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Main research is the development of innovative structural timber building systems, using post-tensioned large spans in single storey and multi-storey timber buildings. Related research interests include fire resistance of timber structures, connections in timber structures, structural fire design methods and earthquake engineering.

Recent Publications

  • Fleischmann C., Buchanan A. and Abu A. (2016) Analytical Methods for Determining Fire Resistance of Concrete Members. In Hurley MJ; Gottuk DT; Hall JR; Harada K; Kuligowski ED; Puchovsky M; Torero JL; Watts JM; Wieczorek CJ (Ed.), SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering (5th ed.): 1949-1978. New York: Springer Science.
  • Iqbal A., Smith T., Pampanin S., Fragiacomo M., Palermo A. and Buchanan AH. (2016) Experimental Performance and Structural Analysis of Plywood-Coupled LVL Walls. ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering: Special Issue on Seismic Resistant Timber Structures 142(2) 4015123
  • Iqbal A., Pampanin S., Palermo A. and Buchanan AH. (2015) Performance and design of LVL walls coupled with UFP dissipaters. Journal of Earthquake Engineering 19(3): 383-409.
  • Iqbal A., Pampanin S., Palermo A. and Buchanan A. (2014) Behaviour of Post-tensioned Timber Columns under Bi-directional Seismic Loading. Bulletin of New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering 47(1): 41-53.
  • O'Neill JW., Abu AK., Carradine DM., Moss PJ. and Buchanan AH. (2014) Modelling the fire performance of structural timber-concrete composite floors. Journal of Structural Fire Engineering 5(2): 113-124.