Human Resource Management

Human Resources Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the degree that focuses on management and supporting the key link in any business – the people. A Human Resources Manager is involved in recruiting, developing and managing the human capital of organisations to ensure a sustained competitive advantage for your workplace.

Human Resource Management has a hands-on, applied focus where students work on real-world business challenges as part of their degrees. They complete internships in local businesses and our programme aligns closely with the competencies required for becoming a professional practitioner with the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand.

Strong links with the business community provide unique learning opportunities such as panel discussions with HR practitioners. With an eye to the future the Human Resource Management programme aims to position graduates to deal with the changing future of work. Our programmes are flexible and contemporary and transferrable skills feature strongly.

Students of Human Resource Management develop skills in leadership, managing change, employment relations, learning and development, group dynamics and communication.

You can broaden your degree with electives in topics as far-ranging as team dynamics, diversity management, ethics, social responsibility and managing conflict or negotiations.

Human Resource Management is also available as a minor in the Bachelor of Arts degree.

In first-year, BCom students majoring in HRM include MGMT 100 Fundamentals of Management as a core course.

The compulsory second year courses for the Human Resource Management major are:

UC Human Resource Management courses cover a diverse range of current topics such as Leading Change and Innovation, Leading and Managing People, Advanced Human Resource Management, Learning and Development in Organisations, and more. Explore the full list of courses offered in Management 

Human Resources Management is a popular choice in a double major.

Double degrees are increasingly chosen by students seeking a broader education and a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources Management can be taken alongside another degree.

  • For enquiries about double majors and double degrees talk to our Student Advisors on how to structure your studies.

A Bachelor of Commerce with Honours requires a further two semesters of study. A Master of Commerce is a further 12 months' of study plus a research thesis.

UC has ties with the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand and students link closely with the Canterbury branch's activities, as well as the HRINZ ambassador programme, which connects students within the HR community.

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