Accounting and Taxation Contacts

Accounting and Taxation

Business and Law
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 369 3888

Academic Staff

Prof Adrian Sawyer

Meremere 502
Internal Phone: 93815

Alistair Hodson

Senior Lecturer
Meremere 517
Internal Phone: 93703

Associate Professor Andrew Maples

Associate Professor
Meremere 503
Internal Phone: 93974

Beverley Lord

Associate Professor
Associate Head of Department Accounting and Information Systems
Meremere 507
Internal Phone: 93735

Christopher Akroyd

Associate Professor
Head of Department Accounting and Information Systems
Meremere 407
Internal Phone: 90225

Keith Dixon

Senior Lecturer
Meremere 505
Internal Phone: 93844

Markus Milne

Meremere 414
Internal Phone: 93964

Michael Falta

Associate Professor
Meremere 512
Internal Phone: 93734

Natasja Steenkamp

Senior Lecturer
Meremere 511
Internal Phone: 90186

Neil Crombie

Meremere 511
Internal Phone: 93769

Richard Fisher

Associate Professor
Meremere 506
Internal Phone: 94022

Rob Vosslamber

Senior Lecturer Above the Bar
Meremere 515
Internal Phone: 93727

Ronan Feehily

Associate Professor
Meremere 510
Internal Phone: 92563

Julia Wu

Senior Lecturer
MPA Director
Meremere 508
Internal Phone: 93746

Administrative Staff

Susan Brechin

Meremere 206
Internal Phone: 93611

Adjunct Staff

Russell Craig

Adjunct Professor

Taylor William Foster

Adjunct Professor

Emeritus Professors

Bevan Clarke

Emeritus Professor

Student Advisors

Adrienne Dempsey

Kaitoko | First-year Student Advisor
Te Pātaka, Level 3, Puaka-James Hight
Internal Phone: 90516

Liz Chivers

Student Advisor
Meremere - 209
Internal Phone: 94821

Tsun-En Meng

Student Advisor/Data Analyst
Meremere 209
Internal Phone: 93654