UC Business School People

Office of Executive Dean

Paul Ballantine

Amo Matua
Executive Dean – Business
Meremere 203

Donna Heslop-Williams

PA to Executive Dean
Meremere 203A
Internal Phone: 93599

Natasha Guy

Accreditation and Strategic Projects Manager
Meremere 202B

Adam Pethig

Faculty Manager
Meremere 202


Russell Wordsworth

Associate Dean (Academic)
MGMT228 Course Coordinator
Meremere 208

Pavel Castka

Associate Dean (Research)


Nicky Hodges

Academic Services Manager
Meremere 207A
Internal Phone: 92234

Jane Whiteside

Academic Administrator
Meremere 208A
Internal Phone: 92267

Tania Brixton

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Internal Phone: 90535

Student Advisors

Erin Beamish

Kaitoko | First-year Student Advisor
Te Pātaka, Level 3, Puaka-James Hight
Internal Phone: 92335

Tsun-En Meng

Student Advisor/Data Analyst
Meremere 209
Internal Phone: 93654

Administration Staff

Catherine Pope

Meremere 206
Internal Phone: 94089

Catherine Woods

Meremere 206
Internal Phone: 93612

Claire Isitt

Internal Phone: 93684

Danielle Clinton

Internal Phone: 92803

Kellie-Ann Abraham

Internal Phone: 92476

Meredith Henderson

Meremere 206
Internal Phone: 93989

Susan Brechin

Meremere 206
Internal Phone: 93611

Academic Staff

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Will Shannon

Internationalisation Director
Meremere 528c
Internal Phone: 93753

Tracy Zhai

Internationalisation Manager
Meremere 528c

Micky Lu

Internationalisation Officer
Meremere 528c
Internal Phone: 90503

Siti Karina

Internationalisation Officer
Meremere 528c
Internal Phone: 91582

Development and Engagement

Swati Barton

Marketing Partner
Internal Phone: 93225

Teresa van Dugteren

Marketing Partner
On parental leave
Internal Phone: 92656

Antony McCormick

Marketing Partner | MBA & Executive Education
Internal Phone: 90862

Kelly Burt

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Matariki Level 3
Internal Phone: 90546

Tim Winfield

Industry Engagement Manager
Rehua 615

Catherine Broome

Outreach and Engagement Coordinator
Internal Phone: 91679

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Elsamari Botha

MBA Director
Internal Phone: 90489

Jasmine Clark

MBA Coordinator
Rehua 615
Internal Phone: 90529

Kosalee Weerasinghe

Internal Phone: 92867

Rachelle C'Ailceta

Student Process Manager
Rehua 615
Internal Phone: 93859

Laura Meriluoto

MBA Internationalisation Lead
Meremere 427A
Internal Phone: 93792

Bernard Walker

MBA Academic Lead
Meremere 343
Internal Phone: 93817

Business Taught Masters

Stephen Hickson

Director Business Taught Masters
Rehua 612

Edmund Smith

Business Taught Masters Administrator
Internal Phone: 92517

Rachelle C'Ailceta

Student Process Manager
Rehua 615
Internal Phone: 93859

Executive Education

Lisa Jones

Executive Education Coordinator
Internal Phone: 91840

Liz Foxwell-Canning

Director, Executive Education and Industry Programmes
Internal Phone: 91412

UC Centre for Entrepreneurship

Gerard Quinn

Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship
Rehua 611
Internal Phone: 91690

Lisa Martin

Innovation Lead
Internal Phone: 91280

Mary Cunningham

UCE Co-ordinator
Rehua 609