UC Business School People

Executive Dean

Paul Ballantine

Amo Matua
Executive Dean – Business
Meremere 203
Internal Phone: 93738

Donna Heslop-Williams

PA to Executive Dean
Meremere 203A
Internal Phone: 93599

Natasha Guy

Accreditation and Quality Assurance Manager
Meremere 207A
Internal Phone: 93590

Dean's Office

Russell Wordsworth

Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) | Amo Tuarua
MGMT228 Course Coordinator
Meremere 208
Internal Phone: 93710

Pavel Castka

Associate Dean (Research)
Internal Phone: 93761

Kirsten Smith

Meremere 208a
Internal Phone: 90870

Student Advisors

Adrienne Dempsey

Kaitoko | First-year Student Advisor
Te Pātaka, Level 3, Puaka-James Hight
Internal Phone: 90516

Liz Chivers

Student Advisor
Meremere - 209
Internal Phone: 94821

Tsun-En Meng

Student Advisor/Data Analyst
Meremere 209
Internal Phone: 93654

Abhik Gupta

Postgraduate student advisor
Meremere 210
Internal Phone: 91086

Administration staff

Adam Pethig

Administration Manager
Meremere 202
Internal Phone: 93793

Catherine Pope

Meremere 206
Internal Phone: 94089

Catherine Woods

Meremere 206
Internal Phone: 93612

Danielle Clinton

Internal Phone: 92803

Irene Joseph

Meremere 206
Internal Phone: 93655

Meredith Henderson

Meremere 206
Internal Phone: 93989

Rosemary Fee

Meremere 206
Internal Phone: 93593

Susan Brechin

Meremere 206
Internal Phone: 93611

Academic Staff

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Will Shannon

Internationalisation Director
Meremere 528c
Internal Phone: 93753

Siti Karina

Internationalisation Coordinator
Meremere 528c
Internal Phone: 91582

Micky Lu

Internationalisation Officer
Meremere 528c
Internal Phone: 90503

Development and Engagement

Antony McCormick

Marketing Partner
Internal Phone: 90862

Kelly Burt

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Matariki Level 3
Internal Phone: 90546

Lucy Nisbet-Smith

Outreach and Engagement Coordinator
Internal Phone: 91928

Tania Gaskin

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Internal Phone: 90535

Tim Winfield

Industry Engagement Manager
Rehua 615
Internal Phone: 94965

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Elsamari Botha

MBA Director
Internal Phone: 90489

Jasmine Clark

MBA Administrator
Rehua 615
Internal Phone: 90529

Rachelle C'Ailceta

Student Process Manager
Rehua 615
Internal Phone: 93859

Business Taught Masters

Stephen Hickson

Director Business Taught Masters
Rehua 612
Internal Phone: 93743

Edmund Smith

Business Taught Masters Administrator
Internal Phone: 92517

Rachelle C'Ailceta

Student Process Manager
Rehua 615
Internal Phone: 93859

Executive Education

Lisa Jones

Executive Education Coordinator
Internal Phone: 91840

Liz Foxwell-Canning

Director, Executive Education and Industry Programmes
Internal Phone: 91412

UC Centre for Entrepreneurship

Gerard Quinn

Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship
Rehua 611
Internal Phone: 91690

Michelle Polglase

Enterprise Manager
Internal Phone: 91569

Lisa Martin

Programme Manager
Internal Phone: 91280

Mary Cunningham

UCE Co-ordinator
Rehua 609
Internal Phone: 93381