UC Business School People

Student Advisors

Malcolm Scott

Student Advisor
Meremere 210
Internal Phone: 93577

Tsun-En Meng

Student Advisor
Meremere 209
Internal Phone: 93654

Nicole Anfang

Postgraduate Student Advisor
Meremere 209
Internal Phone: 92964

Head of School

Paul Ballantine

Head of School
Meremere 202
Internal Phone: 93738

Donna Heslop-Williams

Administrator to Head of School
Meremere 206
Internal Phone: 93599

Dean's Office

Ross James

Meremere 208
Internal Phone: 93583

Natasha Guy

Accreditation Manager
Meremere 205
Internal Phone: 93590


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Laura Meriluoto

Dean (International)
Associate Professor
Meremere 427A
Internal Phone: 93792

Russell Wordsworth

Dean International (on sabbatical)
MGMT228 Course Coordinator
Meremere 231
Internal Phone: 93710

Will Shannon

Internationalisation Manager
Seconded to College Office of Business & Law for 2020
Meremere 528b
Internal Phone: 93753

Tracy Zhai

International Business Development Coordinator
Meremere 528b
Internal Phone: 92936

Development and Engagement

Kris Alisch

Development Lead
Internal Phone: 91248

Tim Winfield

Industry Engagement Manager
Meremere 528
Internal Phone: 94965

Tania Gaskin

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Meremere 234
Internal Phone: 90535

Kelly Burt

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Internal Phone: 90546

Ella Stensness

Marketing Assistant
Meremere 528c
Internal Phone: 90068

Andrea Innes

Marketing and Communications Advisor
Internal Phone: 90944

Jasmine Clark

Outreach Coordinator
Meremere 206
Internal Phone: 90529

Samantha Armitage

Outreach Coordinator (currently on parental leave)
Meremere 234
Internal Phone: 95089

Adjunct Staff

Frank Owen

Adjunct Senior Fellow