Political Science & International Relations contacts

Key contacts

Alex Tan

Head of Department
Elsie Locke Building 618
Internal Phone: 95191

Lea Kortman

School Administrator
Political Science, International Relations and Diplomacy
Elsie Locke Building 616
Internal Phone: 94377

James Ockey

Associate Professor
Undergraduate Co-ordinator
Elsie Locke Building 615
Internal Phone: 95540

Lindsey MacDonald

Senior Lecturer
Honours & Policy and Governance Co-ordinator
Elsie Locke Building 610A
Internal Phone: 95113

Pascale Hatcher

Senior Lecturer
Masters & International Relations and Diplomacy Coordinator
Elsie Locke Building 610B
Internal Phone: 94645

Jeremy Moses

Associate Professor
PhD Co-ordinator / Department Research Seminar Convenor
Elsie Locke Building 607
Internal Phone: 95019

Academic staff

Anne-Marie Brady

Library Liason
Logie Building 608a
Internal Phone: 95377

Bronwyn Hayward

Elsie Locke Building 609
Internal Phone: 95114

Adjunct staff

Therese Arseneau

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Rosemary Banks

Adjunct Senior Fellow

David Bromell

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Geoffrey Ford

Postdoctoral Fellow
Elsie Locke Building 614
Internal Phone: 90469

Sylvia Nissen

Adjunct Fellow

Kate Prendergast

Post Doctoral Fellow
Cycles / CUSP
Internal Phone: 90467

Naimah Talib

Adjunct Senior Fellow
Elsie Locke 613
Internal Phone: 95548