Lynn Clark

Senior Lecturer / Linguistics Head of DepartmentLynn Clark

19 Creyke Rd Rm 110
Internal Phone: 95545

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I am interested in three main areas of linguistics: (i) phonetics & phonology, (ii) sociolinguistics, and (iii) usage-based models of linguistics. I'm especially interested in connections between these three areas. I think that phonetic variation in language is both a vehicle for social cohesion and a cognitive entity and so in order to fully understand how phonetic knowledge is structured in the human mind, we must also understand how it is used in society and how social and linguistic information are linked in cognition.

Recent Publications

  • Van Eyndhoven S. and Clark L. (2019) The - switch: An empirical account of the anglicisation of a Scots variant in Scotland during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. English Language and Linguistics : 26.
  • Whisker-Taylor K. and Clark L. (2019) Yorkshire Assimilation: Exploring the Production and Perception of a Geographically Restricted Variable. Journal of English Linguistics 47(3): 221-248.
  • Clark L. (2018) Priming as a Motivating Factor in Sociophonetic Variation and Change. Topics in Cognitive Science 10(4): 729-744.
  • Clark L. and Watson K. (2016) Phonological leveling, diffusion, and divergence:/t/lenition in Liverpool and its hinterland. Language Variation and Change 28(1): 31-62.
  • Clark L., MacGougan H., Hay J. and Walsh L. (2016) "Kia ora. This is my earthquake story". Multiple applications of a sociolinguistic corpus. Ampersand 3: 13-20.