Lynn Clark

Senior Lecturer / Linguistics Head of DepartmentLynn Clark

Elsie Locke Building 209
Internal Phone: 95545

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I am interested in three main areas of linguistics: (i) phonetics & phonology, (ii) sociolinguistics, and (iii) usage-based models of linguistics. I'm especially interested in connections between these three areas. I think that phonetic variation in language is both a vehicle for social cohesion and a cognitive entity and so in order to fully understand how phonetic knowledge is structured in the human mind, we must also understand how it is used in society and how social and linguistic information are linked in cognition.

Recent Publications

  • Brand J., Hay J., Clark L., Watson K. and Sóskuthy M. (2021) Systematic co-variation of monophthongs across speakers of New Zealand English. Journal of Phonetics 88 101096: 101096-101096.
  • Villarreal D. and Clark L. (2021) Intraspeaker Priming across the New Zealand English Short Front Vowel Shift. Language and Speech
  • Villarreal D., Clark L., Hay J. and Watson K. (2021) Gender separation and the speech community: Rhoticity in early 20th century Southland New Zealand English. Language Variation and Change 33(2): 245-266.
  • Clark L. and Williams GJ. (2020) English Language Proficiency in Radiotelephony: A survey about its effect on the safety and efficiency of aviation. The Especialist 41(4)
  • Villarreal D., Clark L., Hay J. and Watson K. (2020) From categories to gradience: Auto-coding sociophonetic variation with random forests. Laboratory Phonology 11(1) 6