Jennifer Hay

ProfessorJennifer Hay

Elsie Locke Building (English) 210
Internal Phone: 95518


Research Interests

Professor Jen Hay has primary research interests in New Zealand English, sociophonetics, laboratory phonology and morphology. She is Director of the New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour, and is involved in collaborative interdisciplinary projects with a number faculty in the institute.

Recent Publications

  • Hay JB., Drager K. and Gibson A. (2018) Hearing r-sandhi: The role of past experience. Language 94(2): 360-404.
  • Shaw J., Best C., Docherty G., Evans B., Foulkes P., Hay JB. and Mulak K. (2018) Resilience of English vowel perception across regional accent variation. Laboratory Phonology
  • Walker A., Hay J., Drager K. and Sanchez K. (2018) Divergence in speech perception. Linguistics 56(1): 257-278.
  • Beckner C., Pierrehumbert J. and Hay JB. (2017) The emergence of linguistic structure in an online iterated learning task. Journal of Language Evolution 2(2): 160-176.
  • Hay JB. (2017) Sociophonetics: The role of words, the role of context, and the role of words in context. Topics in Cognitive Science.