LindaJean Kenix

Professor / Head of School - LSAP / Anthropology Postgraduate CoordinatorLinda Jean Kenix

Elsie Locke Building 601
Professor Kenix explores the representation of politically marginal groups in the news of mass and independent media.

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My research gives specific attention to the agenda setting function of both mass and alternative/independent media in the process of social change. Professor Kenix has published widely and has consistently examined how the converging media portray different groups and how that representation informs how societies shift.

Important note for prospective graduate students: I am currently accepting graduate students only if their proposals closely align with my ongoing research projects in the areas listed above.

Recent Publications

  • Kenix LJ. (2011) Alternative and Mainstream Media: The Converging Spectrum. London and New York: Bloomsbury Academic. 216pp.
  • Atkinson J; Kenix LJ (Ed.) (2019) Alternative Media Meets Mainstream Politics: Activist Nation Rising. London and New York: Lexington Books. 230.
  • Bandopadhyaya S. and Kenix LJ. (2023) The Role of Social Media Platforms in Contemporary New Zealand LGBTQ + Movements. Journal of Communication Inquiry 47(4): 345-361.
  • Bolanos Lopez JF. and Kenix LJ. (2022) The coverage of clashes between migrants and authorities at the U.S.–Mexico border: a comparative discourse analysis. Journal of International Communication 28(1): 29-46.
  • Kenix LJ. and Bolanos Lopez JF. (2022) A thematic exploration of three countries’ government communication during the COVID-19 crisis and corresponding media coverage. Communication Research and Practice 8(1): 36-53.