LindaJean Kenix

Professor / Head of School - LSAP / Anthropology Postgraduate CoordinatorLinda Jean Kenix

Elsie Locke Building 601
Professor Kenix explores the representation of politically marginal groups in the news of mass and alternative media.

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My research gives specific attention to the agenda setting function of both mass and alternative media in the process of social change. I am very interested in how the media portray different groups and how that representation informs how societies shift.

Important note for prospective graduate students: I am currently accepting graduate students only if their proposals closely align with my ongoing research projects in the areas listed above.

Recent Publications

  • Kenix LJ. (2011) Alternative and Mainstream Media: The Converging Spectrum. London and New York: Bloomsbury Academic. 216pp.
  • Atkinson J; Kenix LJ (Ed.) (2019) Alternative Media Meets Mainstream Politics: Activist Nation Rising. London and New York: Lexington Books. 230.
  • Bandopadhyaya S. and Kenix LJ. (2022) The Role of Social Media Platforms in Contemporary New Zealand LGBTQ + Movements. Journal of Communication Inquiry
  • Bolanos Lopez JF. and Kenix LJ. (2022) The coverage of clashes between migrants and authorities at the U.S.–Mexico border: a comparative discourse analysis. Journal of International Communication 28(1): 29-46.
  • Kenix LJ. and Bolanos Lopez JF. (2022) A thematic exploration of three countries’ government communication during the COVID-19 crisis and corresponding media coverage. Communication Research and Practice 8(1): 36-53.