Erin Harrington

LecturerErin Harrington

Karl Popper 608
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Research Interests

My research focuses on cultural studies, popular culture, and visual culture, especially film. My core research deals with post-1960s horror cinema, in particular its relationship to women, bodies, sexualities and other issues of gender. I am particularly interested in philosophical and theoretical approaches to horror, as well as feminist philosophies of space, subjectivity and embodiment. My book "Women, monstrosity and horror film: gynaehorror", will be published in 2017 by Routledge as a part of their Film Philosophy on the Margins series.

I am broadly interested in wide range of approaches to culture, especially the 'everyday', including digital culture, spectatorship, science and technology, the relationship between bodies and space, issues of taste and consumption, camp and queerness, and so-called 'low' culture. I am also interested and active in theatre, dramaturgy and critical reviewing practice.

My teaching centres on cultural studies and cultural politics, critical theory, film, television, popular culture, digital culture, gender and sexuality, and theatre. I currently teach into: ENGL103 The Outsider; ENGL104 The Stage and Stagecraft; ENGL132 Reading Culture; ENGL217 Theatre: Direction, Dramaturgy and Design; ENGL232 Cultural Politics / Cultural Activism; and ENGL332 Sexualities in Culture. I have previously taught into: CINE223 Cinematic Sin and Sensuality; ENGL313 Cultures of the Supernatural; and ENGL350 Creative Writing Masterclass.