Delegations of authority

As the governing body of the University, the Council exercises a number of powers and holds duties with regards to the University’s functions. On a day-to-day basis many of these functions, powers and duties are delegated to the Vice-Chancellor and others, to ensure the smooth running of the University.

The Delegations of Authority Policy describes how powers and duties are delegated, and the rules governing the exercise of the delegations of authority for the University, and the Delegations Schedule lists the delegations.

Please note that the Delegations Schedule is being updated this year. This means there are various places where you may need to search for specific delegation information:

  • Academic category delegations
  • Research category delegations
  • Financial category delegations 
  • Other general categories of delegations

Financial Delegations (Staff Only Access)

For queries about the University's delegations of authority, please contact Adela Kardos, General Counsel and Registrar.  Email: