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16 October 2023




What made you decide to study teaching?

When I was younger, I used to always play school. But what really inspired me was when my daughter started school in 2019. I got talking to her teacher and it just enlightened what I wanted to do. After her first year of school, I enrolled at UC.

You’re doing a distance programme at UC; what does that entail?

My degree is fully distance, although it does include an OSI (On-site Intensive programme) that I go to for practical parts of courses – like dance and PE. The rest is fully online, with everything recorded. Some courses require Zoom meetings, but if you can’t make it, they record those as well.

How are you liking the distance degree?

I don’t feel like we have any disadvantage being online. It’s exactly the same course. I love doing it online because you can do it whenever you want. The lecturers are really keen to help, and they really put a focus on the distance students. They make it a point to know who we are and make sure we’re supported.

What's the UC student experience like as a distance learner?

You don’t feel isolated at all. We have study groups, and we support each other and check in on one another. It’s good to build those relationships. It’s a nice community of distance cohorts. And I’ve been accepted to be a PALs leader for 2023, which is another amazing opportunity for me to connect with other students!

Studying at UC has made me feel empowered; it’s given me the confidence boost I needed. Just give it a go. Give 100% to everything and you’ll only get 100% back.

Have there been any standout aspects of your study so far?

The lecturers have been absolutely outstanding. You can see that they love their job and have so much passion for wanting us to do well. It makes you want to have that passion too. They all put 100% into the learning, and they take their time with the distance students. And the teacher on my first placement was amazing. She was so lovely and so willing to help me. I felt like I learned so much.

What UC facilities have helped you most?

The library – I love how it’s so flexible with distance students with loan times. I’m constantly messaging the online help and they’re always so willing to help straight away. There’s no wait time, it’s a live chat and you can ask about anything. They definitely make you feel like you can access anything you need.

You’re a mother, an online tutor, AND a full-time student – how do you balance it all?

Lots of planning: knowing when my placements are and when I'm going to be busy. Making sure that I’m organised and ready. Writing down dates and times, when lectures are going to be, making sure I’m prepared. I’ve also made sure my children are quite independent so they can do things on their own – I think that’s the teacher in me.

What would you say to others who are considering going back to school at a later age, or who may have a family and aren’t sure if they can juggle it all?

Just jump in. It can feel overwhelming at the beginning, but you’ll get into the flow of things. You can never be too organised or too planned. If you do fall behind, it’s okay. UC has an amazing selection of support areas and you get replies straight away. There are heaps of options to help. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

What three words sum up your UC experience?

Believe in yourself.

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