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16 October 2023




You’re from China; why did you decide to come to UC for your Master's in Marketing?

My undergrad school in Shanghai has strong ties with UC, so I went on an organised visit. I really fell in love with both UC and Christchurch. And New Zealand has a lot of beautiful, wonderful natural scenery.

And how are you finding life in New Zealand?

New Zealand is an inclusive nation that shows great respect towards the indigenous people and those from foreign cultures. Living in a multi-cultural country is an awesome experience because I can get to know new cultures very easily, like Māori, and I can also share my hometown culture with people that are interested. It’s another reason why I chose New Zealand over other countries. I want to stay here after graduating, it’s one of my dreams.

Did you use any UC services to help you settle in?

As soon as I arrived, I went to the UC Career Centre because I wanted to get a part time job. It can be hard for international students to apply for jobs. English isn’t my first language. They helped me with how to make a CV and cover letter and gave me useful job-hunting websites.

Do you make use of any other campus facilities?

One day I stumbled upon the Makerspace in the library. They welcomed me in to have a look. It’s a really nice place where you can make a lot of things. The coolest thing for me is the 3D printing. The staff showed me how to design and create a tiger engraved with my name with UC red. It was a special gift from UC.

Have you found a strong Chinese community at UC?

The Chinese Student Association holds the Mid-autumn Festival – it's a wonderful opportunity for Chinese friends to get together. I’ve found a strong sense of belonging and a good community. They also organise games and activities to connect people. It's a club for fun and togetherness.

My family are all still in China, but I have a video call with them every night to share my wonderful moments from here. Our connection has become even closer because I have a lot of stories to share.

And you recently joined the Global Chinese Connection Club, too.

Yes. I joined as an event associate in 2022. It’s my pleasure to promote our culture to anyone that’s interested. I’m really happy to see many foreigners have great passion for Chinese culture. I often go out with Kiwi friends to eat and introduce them to traditional Chinese food. Recently, I worked as a volunteer for stage lighting projection work in the 2023 Christchurch Chinese New Year Concert. GCC also held an event called Kung Fu Tea Tasting during the 2023 Chinese Lunar New Year. I invited a lot of friends to come to the event, and I helped with making, serving, and introducing different types of tea to students.

What new hobbies have you discovered since coming to UC?

The UC Tramping club is one of my favourite clubs because I love nature and scenery. My first hiking experience was much harder than I expected, but I really appreciate that the club members are very kind and help me a lot. I love hiking in my spare time. Especially the moments where I conquer nature, I really feel proud of myself.

Any advice for other international students who may be nervous about leaving their home countries?

You can enjoy a lot of activities at UC. It’s how I met a lot of international friends, not just Chinese students. Through activities and clubs, I never feel lonely. If you are not that sociable or feel lonely, it’s a good idea to contact your course administrators. There’s a Chinese coordinator who helps Chinese students with any problems or advice on studies or just student life. They’re there for support and help.

How have you grown since starting at UC?

I’ve become more sociable. In China, I wasn’t an outgoing person. But in New Zealand, I have become social and outgoing. I love joining a lot of activities and making a lot of international friends. I love introducing my culture to anyone with an interest. My oral English skills have also improved.

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