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UC Choice

16 October 2023

Life at UC is all about Choice.

Explore all the opportunities you can choose from through the eyes of our UC Choice students.


With world-class academics, the biggest university club scene in Aotearoa, unique work and internship opportunities, a vibrant student community – and much more – life at UC offers something for everyone. Whether you want to achieve your goals, follow your passions, or discover new ones along the way, you can do it here at UC.

Check out how some of our students have chosen to make the most of their time at UC.

Made your choice?
See our students' choices

Elena — Māori and Indigenous Studies

Rohan — Mechatronics

Nadia — Civil Engineering

Dawn — Teaching

Brodie — Sport Coaching

Tessa — Microbiology

Keighley — Psychology

Chengyue — Marketing

Jasmine — Youth and Community Leadership

Bree — Product Design

Sidney — Linguistics

Alexandra — Music

Zach — Psychology | Geography

Saskia — Software Engineering

Isaiah — Law

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