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Student story

Yuanzhen Cao

20 July 2023

"I enjoy the process of knowing more and finding more..."


Studying towards a Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


When picking your hall of residence, what made you choose Hayashi?

Considering the advantage of distance first, Hayashi is only a 15-minute walk from the campus. Moreover, various events are held here, which can enrich my on-campus life.

What most attracted me is the living environment. Whether the communal space, cooking area, or my room, it is very spacious and comfortable. At any time, my flat would be my safe harbour.

How has it enriched you?

I have made a lot of good friends from different countries here; we cook together, eat dinner together, and hang out together, which makes me feel at home. Every day is different from the day before, my friends and I plan all sorts of attractive outings.

Were there any challenges for you when you first moved in?

The biggest challenge I’ve encountered is overcoming the language barrier… I was anxious during the first two weeks. But now, I feel quite good! My friends are the best and help me with it all the time.

Has that experience helped you in studying your master’s degree, since it’s all about learning and teaching English?

My degree is not only for my students but mostly for myself. I wanted to figure out the difficult part of learning English. My study is on World English modelling and second language acquisition.

What are your career goals from your degree?

I would like to be able to use English as a tool language to try some new jobs other than teaching, but I love teaching English.

What brought you to UC to study, coming from China?

The reason why I chose UC is that the programmes in the Faculty of Education are excellent! The professors give me more than enough time to think and explore the content of the given topic.

Meanwhile, I enjoy the process of knowing more and finding more.

Lastly, another significant factor that cannot be overlooked is that I majored in English Language during my undergraduate study, and I have been a teacher for more than one year. I truly wish I could study in a certain English-speaking country to improve my English learning and teaching skills. So, that is why I came here!


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