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Student story

Shauhrat Gill

20 July 2023

"I thought of studying this degree to learn different methodologies in teaching and making learning more interactive…"


Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Secondary)

Hoping to inspire her future students with her passion for physics, Shauhrat’s secondary teaching studies with UC has been fantastic preparation for teaching within New Zealand schools.

"Even though this degree requires a considerable amount of effort, if one loves their subject, is interested in teaching, has a love for kids, and is keen on learning new methodologies involved in teaching and use of technology in classrooms, then this is the course for you, as the opportunities are vast," she says.

Shauhrat had previously completed master’s study in Physics in her home country India. Wanting to contribute to a more collaborative style of teaching science, Shauhrat decided that secondary school was an ideal next stage in her career.

"I thought of studying towards this degree in order to learn different methodologies in teaching and making learning more interactive, to learn better ways to communicate physics ideas to students," she says.

The practical focus of the degree has been especially useful for Shauhrat to get immersed in the New Zealand secondary school culture. Her efforts in her studies were also recognised with a Dean’s Award.

"UC has helped me gain practical experience. It is not just about learning educational theory, it has also helped me understand what teaching in real life is like, as all the student teachers undergo two 7-weeks practicum," she says. "During this time, they are placed at different schools across the country, working as student teachers, under the guidance of Associate Teachers who happily provide them requisite support. Student teachers also get an opportunity to see teachers in action. 

"Moreover, I got the opportunity to learn Māori language which is a necessity for becoming a teacher in New Zealand, as the NZ government is working towards uplifting the Māori community."

UC’s global reputation in teacher education was what motivated her to enrol in the programme and make the trip from India.

"Teachers graduating from UC College of Education, Health and Human Development are highly valued all over New Zealand and also in the UK. Furthermore, this degree is recognised worldwide," she says. "Also UC makes utmost efforts in helping their students get jobs, and for this purpose, UC conducts Principal’s Day every year where principals from over 80 schools across New Zealand visit UC and interact in person with student teachers.

"The tutors at UC are really friendly and have our back, and I have made many friends who are really supportive." 

Looking forward to finishing her studies soon and starting her career teaching year 12 and 13 physics, Shauhrat is also keen to eventually tour around and enjoy New Zealand’s ‘scenic beauty’ more in the near future. 

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