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Student story

Chon Hui Min

20 July 2023

"The programme offers me a range of opportunities to participate in voluntary teaching work..."


Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Secondary)

Having completed her undergraduate studies in Singapore, Chon decided to follow her ambition to enter the teaching profession. 

"I was motivated to study in New Zealand to cultivate my passion for teaching and learning; I see the potential to inspire future generations to do something amazing," she says.

"New Zealand is breathtaking in its beauty and it’s so culturally rich. People are very friendly and welcoming; they make you feel right at home."

Chon chose the teaching programme at UC as the College of Education is nationally and internationally recognised for producing high-quality teaching graduates.

“The programme is great for its teaching practicum opportunities and the ability to establish good connections with like-minded people from various parts of the world. The programme also offers me a range of opportunities to participate in voluntary teaching work, such as the Golden Key mentoring programme and helping out at the Children’s University.

"I am currently serving as a youth mentor for students working on a project and am also volunteering my time at a special needs after-school care centre. These activities are related to my field of work and I am grateful for the experiences they offer."

Outside of her study programme, Chon also enjoys the social and cultural atmosphere at UC.

"It’s been an interesting time here. I love interacting with the locals and other international students – just sharing life and our different perspectives. It’s been exciting and fun, and there are loads of activities offered by the multitude of clubs in the University to sign up for and to meet new people.

"I have participated in a hiking activity organised by UC Asian Law; it was fun to connect with people from the neighbouring region I am from originally.

"I have also attended the Noho Marae experience – an overnight marae (Māori meeting house) stay which hosts great food and hospitality – it was amazing! I absolutely love the cultural origins and its significance to New Zealand."

Chon currently lives in on-campus accommodation at Waimairi Village. 

"I love the activities that UC accommodation have planned for us – free food is always a winner," she says. "The Residential Assistants are helpful and kind, and my roommates are the best. It does not hurt that we have cleaners in once a week to help spruce the place up! Perfect for busy students like us!"

Once she graduates from UC, Chon hopes to enter the teaching workforce to kick-start her teaching career.

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