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Student story

Sarah Dodson

20 July 2023

"Every day is a learning experience that will better your skills as an artist..."


Sarah’s long-developed love for painting and sketching gave her a clear pathway choosing university study.

“I am highly passionate about the world of art and found I had a skill at painting, so thought why not turn it into a career and make a living out of something I enjoy?” she says.

“I enjoy so much about this degree. There is such a freedom to do want you want in your particular discipline that you have specialised in. You learn so much on how to better your skills and advance them so that it can apply in the fast moving art world. I have also met so many diverse people in my degree and have made friends for life.”

One of the biggest things she feels others will get the most out of is realising just how much technique and knowledge there is to gain from uni Fine Arts study.

“It’s now taken me four years to really appreciate how much I did not know! Every day is a learning experience that will better your skills as an artist, the lecturers really know what they are doing.”

Winning the first place MCAC Premier Award, for her piece in the 2016 Malvern Community Arts Council Art Week event, was a great way to showcase how much her studies have impacted her painting style.

Sarah had initially chosen UC due to being one of the few universities that allow you to choose a studio discipline in the degree, and had received an Undergraduate Entrance scholarship for her NCEA results.

She has since found UC offers a lot more for in the form of campus events and clubs.

“I love that every day is not the same! There is always activities happening in or around campus and especially love it when the huskies come and visit. In my previous years I was a member of CUBA, ENSOC and the Gentlemen’s Club. I am a current member of SKUB, the Fine Arts club that has really awesome events each year such as the Fine Arts keg race, Skubmit and a yearly ball.”

In her final year of her Painting studies currently, Sarah is working towards creating her final project piece for exhibition in the studio. After graduating she hopes to go onto becoming a full-time artist with exhibited works in galleries, and maybe one day to open her own gallery.

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