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Student story

Issy Whitticase

20 July 2023

"I am super grateful that I have been able to make some great friends..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts

Motivated towards a career in the visual arts, Issy's passion led her to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with UC.

"I like that it is different every day and there is always something new to learn," she says. "I wanted to do something that I really enjoyed doing. Even if people suggest that the field is “too difficult” to get into, I knew that I would regret not giving it a shot." 

The benefit of the programme for Issy was exposure to the variety of arts fields before choosing her specific focus. She advises other Fine Arts students to go into their degree with an open mind to help discover new interests.

"Look into the different studio subjects to see what you would be interested in studying after first year (where you get to study some of each subject), but also don't be too worried about the end goal. Most people end up being surprised by the discipline that they are drawn most towards and this is definitely a degree with a lot of possible branches."

When it came to choosing UC for her degree, Issy wanted a university lifestyle that was both supportive and dynamic. She ended up enrolling with an endorsement scholarship to start off her first year.

"There are a number of reasons that I decided to study at Canterbury, the closeness to home and the feel of the city were big factors. I love the student atmosphere around Ilam and the community feel of the campus itself. It is also a lot warmer than Dunedin," she says. 

She ended up staying at Rochester and Rutherford Hall accommodation for her first year, for the convenience close to the Ilam campus.

"I would definitely recommend going into a hall if you are in first year, it is one of the best ways to get yourself involved in university life, and if you are from out of town, a great way to find some people who you would want to flat with in following years. Also, to make the transition from living at home easier."

"Do some research by talking to people you know living at the halls to find out which hall will suit you best before you apply."

Issy thoroughly enjoyed her time at R&R, and even received a Rochester and Rutherford Hall Leadership Scholarship for her active role in the Hall community.

"The friends that I have made here are definitely the highlight," she says. "I am super grateful that I have been able to make some great friends with people I probably wouldn't have got to meet if I wasn't at the hall."

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