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Student story

Flora Larsen

20 July 2023

"I love being able to study in a welcoming community-based environment..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Geography

That’s a cool combination of Geography and Education courses you’re studying – what was the motivation behind them?

I love the exposure to new ideas and concepts. Learning about the planet we live on is really empowering and I find it fascinating, and Geology is a way to do this. I also love learning about people and the environment, and Geography is a great way to do this. 

I’m also studying some Education papers which I was drawn to as I would love to go into secondary school teaching. I love the school environment and I want to give back and support students in the future.

How did you first discover those interests?

At high school I loved the social sciences, especially Geography (and not just the field trips but the actual learning!). Geography is a different type of thinking and really gets me excited because you learn about people and the environment and how they interact. I think it is important to learn in a different way every now and then because it sparks a different type of thinking, which sparks creative and out-of-the-box ideas. 

So what would you recommend other students do to help them decide their subjects?

Try talking to someone who has or is completing the degree and have a chat to them about how they found it and what their positives and negatives were. 

I found this put it into a bit more context and really gives you a good perspective on the nuts and bolts of the degree. 

What made you decide on UC for your degree?

I love Christchurch as a city and what an exciting place to study Geography! Christchurch is such an easy city to get around and everything you need is so close. The environment around Canterbury is absolutely amazing and it is very exciting that we get to explore this through our study. 

I had heard great things about studying Geography and Geology at UC and I wanted to be a part of it. Everything at UC looked so modern and the facilities looked great. They have met my expectations and this feels like the place for me. 

Have you been enjoying the campus so far?

I love being able to study in a welcoming community-based environment. The facilities at UC are so accommodating and have everything I need. Between the RecCentre, the library, and the cafés I can always find a place to keep busy, study, and relax. 

UC is also all in one handy place, so there is no need to rush across the city for different things. 

Is that also why you chose to live in University Hall accommodation for your first year?

I wanted to make lots of new friends and be close to Uni. I feel like it is also the thing to do. I know people who have lifelong friends from halls and I think that is really cool. Halls also would give me an opportunity to have my own space which I really value. 

Also who doesn’t love not doing dishes! It is really nice to just be able to rock up for food and not have to worry about organising it yourself. 

So what has been the best part?

Definitely friends have been the highlight. I’ve been able to meet so many people and there are so many people to meet, you can meet someone every day! Also there is a really positive community vibe. Whether it is at a quiz or just bobbing around the place, everyone is nice and smiley. 

Making friends was difficult at the start but you just have to put yourself out there, whether it is you approaching a group or a group approaching you; just being open to meet new people helps. Finding someone new to sit with at dinner or lunch is always a great way to meet people. Going to the events run by the hall is also a great way of making friends. 

Any recommendations for other students starting new at UC?

To someone considering living in a hall, I'd say that you’ve just got to do it. There is so much support and you are guaranteed to make friends. It is also so easy to get to Uni. A short 5 min walk to Uni makes it easy to roll out of bed and pop off to breakfast and then a lecture. 

Even though Uni Hall wasn't one I applied for, I didn’t mind too much. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised when I did a little bit of research after I got my offer. There were going to be so many people to meet and it was so close to Uni, and now I look back and it was probably the best outcome. 

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