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Student story

Eunchae Lee

20 July 2023

"Studying at UC has been hugely beneficial for my academic and personal life..."


Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting with a minor in Chinese

Graduate Accountant

Eunchae’s love for numbers made her study choice in Accounting easy when she came to UC. At first, she was specialising in business management studies, however, after taking some accounting courses, she developed a new passion for Accounting.

"When I was studying ACCT 102, which is a compulsory course for business management, I realised Accounting was for me. I really enjoyed the accounting courses more than management or marketing. Therefore, changing my major to Accounting was the best decision I have made so far."

The first step to make her dream to work for a successful accounting firm was taken by studying at UC.

"Getting a job in an important accountant firm is one of my career goals. I want to become the best accountant so I can get CPA certified. Once I have become certified and gained enough work experience, I would like to move to overseas to experience other cultures."

Originally from South Korea, choosing to travel to New Zealand for study at UC as an international student was a big decision for Eunchae, but one she believes has been hugely beneficial.

"Before coming to UC, I studied at the University in Shanghai, for a year as an exchange student. My experience over there helped me realised the positives of meeting people from all over the world, it really opened my mind. Also, before deciding to study at UC I already had a little experience in New Zealand. In 2016, I came to New Zealand with a Working Holiday Visa. Since the first moment I loved the country and how diverse it is. So, studying at UC has been hugely beneficial for my academic and personal life."

Adapting to university life in a different country is no easy task, but Eunchae handled the change well. In her first semester, she took advantage of the excellent mentoring programme at UC.

"At the beginning I did not know many people at UC and that is why I decided to take part in this amazing programme UC offers students. My mentor helped me a lot to get used to the new surroundings and gave me lots of advice about life at UC, as well as the best way to tackle assignments and exams. He also invited me to social events to meet new people which resulted in many friendships. I believe this programme is so helpful and truly amazing."

The social side of university life was another highlight for her.

"I loved spending time at UC’s Recreation Centre. There are lots of different kinds of classes I could join for free, such as high intense cardio class with squats, boxing, yoga etc. Those group classes are the perfect way to stay fit and to meet other students. The instructors always helped me to use equipment in the right way and improve my technique. I think my mind and my body became healthier which improved my capacity to study."

Following her time at UC, Eunchae became a graduate accountant and now provides accounting services to a range of companies throughout New Zealand, putting her well on her way to becoming a certified accountant in the near future.

"I manage all accounting transactions, reconcile accounts payable and receivable, prepare filing GST and PAYE through IRD, and pay people using payroll systems following accounting standards."

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