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Student story

Brylie Gray

20 July 2023

"I get to work with a wide range of clients in many different industries..."


Bachelor of Commerce with endorsements in Marketing and Strategic Management

Master of Professional Accounting

Accountant, Nexia New Zealand

Brylie has enjoyed reliving her fond memories of undergraduate study at UC.

"I graduated with Marketing and Strategic Management and worked full time for three years before realising I had a real passion for numbers and wanted to further my knowledge to cover all bases of business," she says. "I am so pleased I made the choice to return to university. My previous experiences were full of support and fun. The extracurricular activities here are first-class, from the gymnasium and clubs to the cafes and bars. Christchurch itself is an exciting, changing place where opportunities are continuously arising."

Brylie chose to pursue the Master of Professional Accounting programme due to the high demand for professional accountants in the workforce and the opportunities to build a senior-level career.

"There was no question in my mind but to return to UC as they were the only ones to offer the specific MPA programme I chose," she says. "It provides not only the knowledge, but also the skills of networking and professionalism to put us on the path to success. We are taught by some of New Zealand’s top lecturers in their fields, who are passionate and willing to help you in and out of the classroom. Our lecturers see us as the future of the business world, therefore providing us with real world examples and experiences.

"Once graduated, we have completed all NZICA requirements and are ready for the work force and on the way to being CA or CPA qualified. I hope to be successful and be able to get into a management and/or a partner role in an accounting firm."

Brylie made the most of her studies, including an exciting opportunity to complete an internship with Aon Insurance in Singapore.

"Not only was I challenging myself in a work environment that I was unfamiliar with but also in a different country where I had to face the cultural and communication barriers."

Brylie is no stranger to travel, having been born in New Zealand and moved countries every three years until returning after graduating high school in Japan.

As a result, Brylie really appreciated how close-knit and supportive her classes are with lecturers and students.

"Since starting the MPA Programme, I met a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds and through studying together, we made a fantastic and reliable support network," she says.

Adding to her sense of adventure, Brylie likes to keep herself active with running and going to the gym.

She was quick to land her first role straight after graduating with Marriotts Chartered Accountants, later becoming Nexia New Zealand, where she currently works. She has now completed the four main modules of the Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand programme, and will be a fully qualified chartered accountant this year.

"I get to work with a wide range of clients in many different industries which continually challenges me and broadens my knowledge. I definitely could not have got to where I am today and in this short space of time without MPA."

As such, she recommends the MPA for anyone looking to add business skills to their undergraduate studies.

"It is good to have a little bit of knowledge of the working world. It’s well worth it and the experiences and knowledge you gain is world class and cannot be provided by any other university in my opinion. It is an environment that is safe and fun, and although it is hard work the benefits to be reaped from this far outweigh any costs. Absolutely do it!"

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