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05 June 2024
James Logie Memorial Collection

The James Logie Memorial Collection was established in 1957, and includes artefacts from Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Near Eastern cultures.

This online exhibition draws on artefacts from the James Logie Memorial Collection and the University Library Rare Books Collection, to present a glimpse into the history of writing.

Established in 1957, one of the University of Canterbury’s great treasures is the James Logie Memorial Collection, which contains some of the finest classical antiquities in New Zealand.

The Logie Collection spans more than four thousand years, from around 2000 BC, beginning with pottery from the Bronze Age. The collection features artefacts from ancient Egypt, Italy and Greece. Of particular significance is the Logie Collection’s assemblage of Greek painted pottery, including vases in Geometric, Orientalising and Gnathian styles

 We have an excellent range of Black and Red-Figure vases from the Archaic and Classical Periods (ca. 600–330 BC). To find out more about the Logie Collection, visit our webpages online.

The Rare Books Collection consists of about 7000 volumes of European printed works, including incunabula (early printed booklets or pamphlets), and a small number of medieval manuscript items. The printed collection includes books published before 1830, books remarkable for their rarity regardless of age, valuable first editions and special editions, books notable for their illustrations, and fine-quality facsimile editions.

To find out more about the Rare Books Collection, visit their webpages online. You can also view various other heritage collections, such as archives, artworks and photographs. These are held in the Macmillan Brown Library.

European printed works

The Rare Books Collection consists of about 7000 volumes of printed works.
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