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Honor Columbus

PhD Candidate

23 November 2023

Honor's research interests lie at the intersection of civil engineering, and indigenous theory with application to infrastructure development in Aotearoa. She is interested in the development of tools to measure, monitor, and assess human, social, natural and economic capital in infrastructure projects. Honor has completed a Masters in Māori and Indigenous Leadership through Aotahi at the University of Canterbury. For the research component of this Masters, Honor developed a Cognitive Justice Framework to assess the social processes of education infrastructure development with particular focus on knowledge creation, impact assessment, and decision-making. In her daily practice, she is committed to honoring & giving effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and He Whakaputanga. Honor is a BE(Hons) graduate from the University of Canterbury (2009). Prior to undertaking post-graduate research, she worked in the engineering profession and infrastructure sector for 12 years. During this time she worked in structural engineering and project management roles for consultancies and local government, before holding infrastructure advisory roles in central government. Honor serves on the Board of the Construction and Infrastructure Centre of Vocational Excellence [ConCoVE], which forms part of the Government's Reform of Vocational Education [RoVE].




Start date: 2021

Proposed end date: 2024

Type of position sought: Research

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