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Ben Matthews

PhD Candidate

22 November 2023

Research Title: Assessment of Aging Infrastructures in High Seismic Areas Using Computational Intelligence Techniques

Ben Matthews is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Canterbury under the supervision of Alessandro Palermo. Ben graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours at the beginning of 2019. Ben’s research interests lie with the integration of computationally intelligent modelling and real-world structural engineering applications with an emphasis on deep machine learning techniques. His current research addresses the issue of chloride-induced steel corrosion within reinforced concrete (RC) bridge members. From a structural engineering perspective, he is focusing on predicting the reduced mechanical properties and strength of RC suffering chloride corrosion using neural network modelling.



Start date: 2019

Proposed end date: 2023

 Type of position sought: Research, Industry

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