UC Māpura Bright Start Scholarship

Celebrate potential

Recipients of this prestigious scholarship are high academic achievers needing a little extra support turning their dreams of tertiary education into a reality. These talented students are the first in their family to attend university, come from low decile schools, single parent families, large families or disadvantaged groups. Your gift can be the key that unlocks the financial barrier between them and UC.

Erana and Jamee Te Moananui are current recipients of a UC Māpura Bright Start Scholarship. These two sisters have both decided to study Criminal Justice at UC.

 “This scholarship was awarded to us because UC saw something in us. They believe we can make a difference. I am currently studying towards a Bachelor in Criminal Justice and want to help people dealing with family domestic crimes and I hope that I can prove that this scholarship was not wasted.”

Erana Te Moananui, Māpura Bright Start Scholar

Help inspire more students like Erana and Jamee overcome financial barriers to achieving their university dreams. You’re giving these students the gift of tertiary education and empowering them with tools to make a real difference in the world.

  • Erana and Jamee Te Moananui

    From left to right, Erana and Jamee Te Moananui, sisters and UC Bright Start Scholarship recipients