List of Areas Available for Support



Areas of Greatest Need

The Page General Fund - A UC-wide general endowed fund that will generate income in perpetuity in support of research, including travel and other expenses; student recruitment and retention initiatives such as scholarships, new buildings, fit outs, and equipment; maintenance and upkeep of existing facilities, particularly for areas that would not be high priority for other University funding; new equipment for students and staff. A donation for The Page General fund will add to the capital of the fund, allowing it to generate more interest to fund the University’s many priorities. Donate Now

Endowed research fund – A fund to generate income in perpetuity in support of UC’s research. By donating to this fund, you will add to the capital of the fund so it can generate more interest to ensure that researchers now and in the future will have the resources they need to make innovative discoveries that address issues we face in the world today and beyond. Donate Now

UC’s Areas of Greatest Need – By donating towards this fund, you allow the University to direct funds towards wherever they’re needed most, whether it’s student support and financial relief, scholarships, research, providing equipment, the upkeep of buildings, or building up UC’s wider community. Donate Now


UC Wide Scholarships

Te Kakau a Māui Scholarship Fund – Donate to support driven, community-minded students from lower decile schools (schools in lower socioeconomic areas) around the South Island. These scholarships fully fund a 3- or 4-year undergraduate degree. Donate Now

Māpura Bright Start Scholarship – Donate to support talented students who face financial and other barriers in accessing higher education. These scholarships fully fund one year of tuition and other university fees. Donate Now

Eamon Molloy Memorial Scholarship Fund – Donate to support international students from East and South Asia to thrive at UC. Donate Now


UC's Community

CEISMIC Digital Archive – Donate to support a world-class online archive of stories, images, and media from the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury Earthquakes that serves as a repository for future generations to look back on to understand our shared experiences as Cantabrians. Donate Now

Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities – Support one of the largest and best collections of ancient Roman, Greek, and Near Eastern artefacts in the Southern Hemisphere. Housed in the Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities, which is open and free to the public. Donate Now

Pasifika Development Fund - Supporting initiatives that benefit current and future Pasifika students at UC, including information, advice, advocacy, pastoral care, mentoring, academic solutions and success programme, special focus workshops and seminars, outreach programmes, achiever awards, scholarships, and study awards. Donate Now

Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies - Support world-leading multidisciplinary Pacific research and education, including an artist in residence programme, scholarships, visiting scholars, and the Pacific Ocean Climate Crisis Assessment project. Donate Now

Pukemanu Centre for Child & Family Psychology - Supporting mental health services for whanau with pre and primary school aged children from the Greater Christchurch Area while also providing work experience for postgraduate students in the Child and Family Psychology Programme. Donate Now

Canterbury University Press - Supporting the publishing tradition in Canterbury. Donate Now

UC Library Fund – Donate to support UC’s libraries and their priorities. Donate Now

Spaceport America Cup Team UC - Donate to support students in the UC Aerospace Club to compete in the 2023 Spaceport America Cup, the most prestigious international rocketry competition for students. Donate Now

Te Mātāpuna Mātātahi | Children’s University - Donate to support a programme that connects students from primary and high schools with learning oppportunities outside of the curriculum to develop a lifelong love of learning. Donate Now




Faculty of Arts Dean's Discretionary Fund - Supporting Faculty of Arts initiatives, including scholarships, research, grants, visiting lecturers and academics, and any other projects associated with the faculty. Donate Now

Arts Fund - Graduate Profile Support - This fund supports initiatives benefitting students in the Faculty of Arts, including funding international experiences, work experiences, scholarships, bringing in international academics, and student research. Donate Now

Graham Zanker Lecture Series – Donate to support a series of annual lectures on classics from visiting speakers at the Arts Centre city campus. Previous lectures include the fully booked “Tangata Whenua, Tangata Kariki: Ancient Greece (& Rome) in Māori Literature”. Donate Now

David Novitz Prize in Philosophy – Donate to support the most promising students enrolled in a BA(Hons) or MA in Philosophy at UC. Donate Now

Music Scholarships - Support scholarships and grants for students studying music. Donate Now




UC Business School Dean's Discretionary Fund - Donate to support UC Business School's initiatives, including scholarships, research, grants, visiting lecturers, and other activities associated with the Business School. Donate Now

Frank Tay Award in Economics – Donate to support a scholarship for third-year undergraduate students majoring in Economics to undertake postgraduate studies in Economics at UC. Donate Now



Faculty of Education Dean's Discretionary Fund Donate to support all Faculty of Education initiatives and projects, expecially partnership development between the faculty and schools, early childhood centres, and community groups. Donate Now

Child Well-being Research Institute – Donate to support multidisciplinary research to enhance the learning success and healthy well-being of children and young people. Donate Now


College of Engineering Fund – Donate to support the priorities of the College of Engineering. Donate Now

Chemical Process and Engineering Fund – Donate to support the priorities of the Chemical Process and Engineering Department. Donate Now

Computer Science & Software Engineering Fund – Donate to the priorities of Computer Science & Software Engineering department. Donate Now

Park and Paulay Fund – Donate to support a scholarship, prizes, and special lecture series for students studying structural, geotechnical, or earthquake engineering. Donate Now

Class of '69 Civil Fund - Established by Civil Engineering Alumni in the Class of '69, this fund supports the elevation of communications within the engineering profession and beyond, and supportive inputs to current reviews of the construction industry. Donate Now



Faculty of Health Dean's Discretionary Fund - Supporting Faculty of Health initiatives, including scholarships, grants, research, guest lecturers, and other projects and programmes associated with the faculty. Donate Now


Faculty of Law Dean's Discretionary Fund - Supporting Faculty of Law initiatives, including scholarships, grants, research, guest lecturers, and other projects and programmes associated with the faculty. Donate Now

Colin Fife Memorial Prize – Established in memory of UC Law alumnus Colin Fife, this prize supports law students at UC who compete in the annual mooting competition. Donate Now



Faculty of Science Dean's Discretionary Fund - Donate to support Faculty of Science initiatives, including scholarships, grants, research, guest lecturers, and other projects and programmes associated with the faculty. Donate Now

Climate Impact Fund – Donate to support and enable innovative and creative approaches to addressing the impacts of climate change in Canterbury, New Zealand, and the wider Pacific. Donate Now

Nigerian Montane Forest Project - This fund supports research based in station on the edge of Ngel Nyaki Forest that combines scientific research with education at tertiary and community levels in order to develop a long-term sustainable management of African forests. Donate Now

Biological Sciences Scholarships - Supporting scholarships for students studying biological sciences. Donate Now

Gateway Antarctica - Supporting Gateway Antarctica initiatives, including scholarships, equipment, projects, and visiting scholars. Donate Now

Mental Health & Nutrition Research - Support research into the effect of micronutrients on mental health. Donate Now

Penguin Research Fund - Supporting students’ equipment, travel and other costs associated with conducting research that advances our understanding penguin ecology, health and conservation in Aotearoa and Antarctica. Donate Now

Rose Centre for Strike Recovery and Research – Donate to support research and treatments for people living with the effects of strokes and associated swallowing and communication disorders. Donate Now

Geospatial Research Institute Fund - Support our research and students who want to develop a career in geospatial science and technology. With our research, we help society to understand and make better decisions in issues ranging from hazards, sustainable development, health, wellbeing and the impacts of climate change. Donate Now

Field Stations General Fund - Supporting the upgrades and other expenses associated with UC Field Stations, particularly in Cass and Mt John. Donate Now