Returning to normal after a storm

Expectations of employees after a storm

The following points outline what is expected of staff after a storm:

  • All employees must check in with their supervisors within a reasonable amount of time after the storm.
  • Staff must annually provide contact telephone numbers and alternative (private) email addresses to their supervisors. They may be used in case the UC email system fails.
  • Employees are required to report for duty as soon as practicable after they are requested to return to work.
  • During a period of recovery, employees will be expected to perform duties as requested by their supervisor even if those duties are not part of their regular job descriptions.

Expectations of students after a storm

If the University closes due to a storm, the following will be used to provide information for students:

  • Updates will be posted on the UC Facebook page and Twitter.
  • The University may also communicate with students via their UC email addresses.

Further information

Weather Plan Policy and Guidelines (PDF, 274KB) (UC Policy Library website)