Check the lecture, laboratory and tutorial times so you can structure your schedule, your way.
The 2022 timetable was released on 5 November 2021.
The 2023 timetable was released on 6 October 2022.

My Timetable (your personal timetable)

Once you have accepted your Enrolment Agreement at UC you will be able to create your personalised timetable using My Timetable 2022 or My Timetable 2023. You are responsible for accessing and checking timetable information to work out where and when your lectures and tutorials are.

By logging into My Timetable you can make sure you don’t have any clashes and select your preferred lecture and tutorial times where there is more than one option offered. Most courses will have options for different times for tutorials and/or practical classes so you have to choose and register for the time you want.
This video explains how to get started.

Timetable Planner (University timetable)

The Timetable Planner tool lets you enter courses and preview how they will fit into a timetable. It's an easy way to see a course schedule without having to be enrolled. Use 2022 Timetable Planner to view 2022 course timetables.
Use 2023 Timetable Planner to view 2022 course timetables.
This video explains how to get started.

More information

If you need advice on how to structuring your courses and timetable, contact a student advisor.