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08 February 2024

UC Learning Advisors can cover all aspects of writing, critical thinking, or study in a one-to-one consultation. Find out about our ASC consultations.



We offer consultations to all students, from first year to doctoral study. Consultations with a learning advisor are up to 40 minutes long and can cover any questions related to writing, study, time management or oral presentations. You can bring us your draft essay, report, oral presentation, thesis proposal or thesis chapter for a general review of your writing or presentation and can offer suggestions for improvement.

Here are some of the typical questions asked by students:

  • Can you tell me what I am supposed to do for this essay? I don't even know where to begin.
  • Can we talk about how I'm going to pull together all the different strands in my lit review?
  • My tutor told me I had too many quotations in this essay. Can you tell me what's wrong with that?
  • How do I study for a lab practical exam?
  • Would you check the grammar in this piece of writing?
    (We will work with you to check over short passages, and explain any errors, but we do not proofread entire assignments.)
  • I have so many readings. How am I supposed to get through them all? 
  • I've already written 6,000 words for a 2,000-word essay. How am I going to cut it down? 
  • Can you take a look at my essay and tell me what you reckon? 
  • My supervisor says I am not reading critically. What does that mean? 

ASC consultations can be either by Zoom or in-person. In-person consultations are held at the Academic Skills Centre, Level 3, Central Library. Consultations are limited to one per fortnight per student with a limit of up to 8 appointments a year. To make an appointment, phone (03) 369 3900 or email from your UC email with your course code, your preferred appointment times, and what you would like help with. If you are bringing written work, please print it in a 12-point font with double spacing. If you are working on an essay or report, please bring the assignment instructions with you. If you are working on your thesis, please let the learning advisor know what aspects of your writing you would like to focus on during the consultation. 


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