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Generative AI at UC

03 July 2024

Gen-AI tools are everywhere and it's important for students, staff and the University to keep privacy front of mind when using these tools so we use them wisely and ethically. Read our position on AI at UC.

What is Gen-AI? 

Generative Artificial Intelligence or Gen-AI is technology that is used to generate text, images, data, and videos in response to specific prompts by the user. Gen-AI uses machine learning to achieve this. 

A prompt is a descriptive phrase or sentence that directs the Gen-AI to create content, such as “Generate a summary from the article linked”.

When you use a Gen-AI  tool, the prompts you use will 'teach' the AI to remember your data which - depending on the kind of AI you're using - may become accessible by other users, depending on the 'prompts' or information they enter when utilising the tool. 

How is this relevant to me? 

Gen-AI tools are everywhere, and many online services or platforms have begun to adopt Gen-AI functionality, e.g. Facebook's search bar is now "Meta AI".

It's important for both you and the University to keep privacy front of mind when using these tools to create content or analyse data. Be aware of the limitations and biases of the technology. Let's use all AI tools wisely and ethically.

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