Use of Te Reo Māori in exams

The University recognises and supports students who wish to use Te Reo Māori in assessments (including examinations).

A student intending to present work in Te Reo Māori will need to inform the Course Coordinator in advance so that they are able to meet the time frames below. The purpose of the notice of intention period is to allow the University sufficient time to make arrangements for marking.

Written work

For written work the Course Coordinator should notify both Te Waka Pākākano and the Examinations Office no later than 15 working days before the due date of the assessment or date of the examination.

Oral work

For oral work the Course Coordinator should notify Te Waka Pākākano and the Examinations Office within 20 working days of the commencement of the course.


Due to the time it takes for marking and verification, there is likely to be some delay in the work being returned to the examiner. It could take longer for results to be released to you.


Full regulations are available from the Assessment in Te Reo Māori Policy (PDF, 172KB)