Student Accessibility Service

Any student enrolled in an assessed course, who has a disability, medical condition, specific learning difficulty, mental health condition or a temporary impairment that affects their ability to study is eligible to register with Te Ratonga Whaikaha|Student Accessibility Service at any stage of the academic year.

Special arrangements may involve:

  • Using a reader and/or writer
  • An extension of time
  • Wheelchair accessible rooms
  • Use of a computer
  • Ergonomic furniture

Any student who requires special arrangements will sit their examination in a room allocated for this purpose which will be separate from the main cohort.

How to apply

To apply for special arrangements for examinations, you must register with Te Ratonga Whaikaha|Student Accessibility Service.

For further information, or, if you decide not to or cannot sit under the special conditions arranged contact the Examinations Special Arrangements Coordinator in advance as early as possible.

Temporary impairments or temporary medical conditions

If you experience a temporary impairment or temporary medical condition in the lead up to tests/examinations, contact as soon as you are aware you may need special arrangements. Applications made the day prior to, or day of, a test/examination will generally require a Special Consideration.

Internal assessments

If you require special arrangements for internal assessments (tests/quizzes etc.), you must register with Te Ratonga Whaikaha|Student Accessibility Service. In addition, you must contact the Speical Arrangements Coodinator via the email.