UC Examinations

The University of Canterbury runs two Examination Periods in June and October/November.

The End-of-year Examinations will take place from Monday 1 November to Saturday 13 November. Please note, there are no exams on Sunday or Show Day Friday 12 November.

The Examination timetable will be released from Wednesday afternoon, 25 August.

You will not receive an e-mail with your personal timetable, at this time.  To create the letter requires a very stable internet connection for 5 or more hours, which cannot be guaranteed until the Examinations Office returns on-campus.

Please make sure that you check the dates and times of your examinations carefully. Students are expected to be available to sit their exams at the dates/times scheduled unless there are reasons outside of their control (e.g. international time differences).  For information see Clashes and alternative arrangements

Students studying from off-campus will get further information shortly. If you do not receive any information, please contact the Examinations Office. 

Please note that The Examination Timetable assumes that UC is operating at COVID Level 1 or 2. If we move to Level 3 or higher, the timetable will change.

It is your responsibility to check

the date, time and location of your exams

Prepare for your exams

Coping with the unexpected

Support services