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Sustainable Business, Enterprise and Economics

20 November 2023
Help manage business and economic growth with environmental issues like pollution.


Sustainable Business, Enterprise and Economics


With businesses expanding across the globe, we need more people with the skills to help manage economic growth with environmental issues like pollution and use of natural resources.

This major covers everything from sustainable products, production, shipping, and marketing, through to influencing changes in customer spending habits.

Sustainable Business, Enterprise and Economics

Sustainable Business, Enterprise and Economics

What will my study involve?

  • Get hands-on experience creating sustainable business solutions through an internship.
  • Learn business basics of management, economics, accounting, marketing, or communications with how these affect our views and treatment of the environment.
  • Opportunities to create your own business with UC's mentors, business connections, and a Makerspace.
  • Customisable major so you can follow your interests in particular sustainability issues and industry.

Sustainable Business, Enterprise and Economics


Sustainable Business, Enterprise and Economics major

For the major in the Bachelor of Social and Environmental Sustainability, complete the following courses:




Sustainable Business, Enterprise and Economics

Career opportunities

Every industry needs to find more sustainable practices, and there are few people in the current job market with knowledge of both business economics and environmental science to help achieve this. Your problem-solving skills will help lead us to better corporate responsibility and sustainable consumption of goods.

Career pathways could include:

  • management
  • business analysis and consulting
  • marketing
  • entrepreneurship.

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