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Postgraduate subject

Product Innovation

07 November 2023
This programme combines conceptual design skills and business knowledge to create new market trends.


Product Innovation


Postgraduate studies in Product Innovation are open to students of any study background.

The Master of Product Innovation is a perfect opportunity for you to access specialised facilities and industry experts at university while beginning to develop your own product or business ideas.

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Product Innovation

What will my study involve?

  • Te Kura Hanga Otinga | School of Product Design was established in response to a growing demand from industry for students who are both creative and technically literate, bringing together both design and engineering to produce skilled and creative designers who understand aesthetics and technology.
  • The School has a multitude of laboratories and workspaces including metal and wood workshops, 3D printers, electronics labs, design studios, makerspaces, formulation laboratory, and computer, AR, and VR suites.
  • UC is home to Te Pokapū Rakahinonga | UC Centre for Entrepreneurship which provides opportunities to build capabilities in entrepreneurship and innovation. Their activities are connected with external organisations, enabling you to gain real-world hands-on experience. The UCE community of founders, mentors, experts, and advisors fosters innovation and creativity where students are challenged in a supportive environment and are encouraged to take risks, explore new concepts, and make things happen.

Product Innovation

Career opportunities

This qualification is intended in particular for those wishing to start their own business based upon the ideas developed during their project. The qualification is an opportunity to bring promising ideas to life, both through guided product/service design, and simultaneous commercialisation/business development, to a point where you can seek business start-up investment.

A wide variety of career opportunities will be open to graduates related to their first-degree discipline, supplemented by thorough knowledge of the innovation process.

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