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Philosophy, Politics and Economics

07 October 2023
Learn about political institutions and economics, and the ethics of these systems on the wider public.


Philosophy, Politics and Economics


If you like to think about the problems and complexities of society, then consider this combination of subjects to develop a multidimensional way of seeing things.

You will learn about political institutions and economic systems, while exploring philosophical fundamentals of ethics and technology, and their impact on individuals and the wider public.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

What will my study involve?

  • Pick from a variety of courses and customise your study, with examples such as political parties and elections, environmental policy, humanitarian intervention, science and technology policy, and international security and international relations.
  • Complete an internship or practical project in your final year reflecting your specific interest topics.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics


Philosophy, Politics and Economics specialisation

UC offers a specialisation in Philosophy, Politics and Economics within the Bachelor of Arts. Specialisations group courses from different subjects into a central theme.

Each year of the degree, you will be able to choose your study focus based on your interests in politics and justice, ethics and morality, and economic systems.

The following courses are required throughout your degree:


These introductory courses are recommended for your first year.


Plus at least three courses chosen from:


Choose 90 points from the following list. At least 30 points must be selected from two subjects:

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Career opportunities

This study provides you with vital skills for many national and international political institutions that make decisions about our world economy, from energy supply to imported goods to sustainability.

Career pathways could include:

  • non-profit organisations and charities
  • policy advisory
  • parliament
  • city councils.

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