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Industrial and Organisational Psychology

06 November 2023
‌Industrial and Organisational Psychology is one of the most recognised advanced psychology degrees in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Industrial and Organisational Psychology


Industrial and Organisational (I/O) Psychology applies psychological theories and principles to understand individual attitudes and behaviours in the workplace, and how these attitudes, behaviours, and performance can be improved through hiring practices, training programmes, leadership, and management systems.

Our graduates develop knowledge and competencies that allow them to improve employee motivation, satisfaction, and wellbeing, and make a significant positive contribution to people and organisations.

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Industrial and Organisational Psychology


UC offers the following postgraduate programmes in Industrial and Organisational Psychology:


See the individual qualification pages for more information on degree requirements.

Master of Science majoring in Industrial and Organisational Psychology

Part I of the MSc in Industrial and Organisational Psychology is 120 points, including PSYC460 Advanced Research Methods and Statistics, and a total 105 points selected from:


With approval one or more 400-level PSYC courses may be substituted in your options.

You will need a B+ Grade Point Average to proceed to Part II of the degree.

Part II requires APSY660 Dissertation, and another 30 points of courses from the same selection in Part I.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Industrial and Organisational Psychology

In the PhD, you will complete a thesis of original research in the Industrial and Organisational Psychology field (APSY790 Applied Psychology PhD).

Industrial and Organisational Psychology

Career opportunities

Many of our graduates have decided to make Industrial and Organisational Psychology their career by becoming organisational development consultants, HR professionals, research analysts, or academics.

Industrial and Organisational Psychology graduates find employment in a variety of organisations. These have included human resource management or organisational development positions in a range of industries – banking and finance, manufacturing, IT, healthcare, NZDF, and government agencies. Some of our graduates have returned to obtain their PhD qualification, and pursued academic careers or specialist consulting roles.

I/O Psychology graduates enjoy great career prospects in Aotearoa New Zealand and overseas.

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