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Classics - postgraduate


09 November 2023
Classics courses teach Latin and Greek languages, and the history, literature, and art of the ancient world.




An understanding of the rich Classical past gives us a keen lens through which to view the modern world, since so many issues confronting us were experienced and discussed with great insight by the ancients: abuses of political power and the rise of demagogues; questions of cultural identity; the problematic nature of empire and colonialism; the nature-nurture debate; the plight of refugees and asylum seekers; among others.

Knowledge of Latin and Greek as well as of the complex natures of Greek and Roman cultures also develops skills in intellectual rigour, critical analysis, and self-expression – all highly prized qualities in the job market today.

More fundamentally, Classics will bring you into contact with some of the greatest and most enduring creations in literature, art, and philosophy that the world has ever known.


What will my study involve?

  • Our internationally regarded Classics staff include recipients of prestigious visiting fellowships to Oxford and Cambridge Universities, UC Teaching Awards, and internal and external research awards.
  • Classics staff and students regularly present at conferences all over the world, and give research seminars and public lectures in Aotearoa New Zealand and elsewhere by invitation.
  • Based on its research culture, the UC Classics Department is committed to fostering an energetic postgraduate community. Students attend our research seminars that feature a range of local and international speakers, and frequently participate in the symposia and conferences hosted by UC.
  • A great asset of the UC Classics Department is its collection of artefacts housed in the Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities in the historic Te Matatiki Toi Ora | Christchurch Arts Centre.



Experience in Latin and/or Greek is not necessary to complete a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Classics, but is highly recommended. Such knowledge enables you to engage with the primary material in more insightful and sophisticated ways, especially for ancient dramatic, literary, or historical texts, as well as archaeological/art historical topics (eg, inscriptions, graffiti, etc).

For a Master of Arts, Master of Arts (Thesis), or PhD in Classics, knowledge of Latin and/or Greek is mandatory.


Career opportunities

Studying Classics at postgraduate level can lead to an academic career or a teaching career in Aotearoa New Zealand and overseas.

Many of our former postgraduate students are now working in banks, government, intelligence, and many other jobs that require high levels of analytical skills, self-discipline, and passion for learning.

Find out more about what you can do with a degree in Classics.

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