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Biomedical Engineering

23 October 2023

Biomedical Engineering involves designing and creating medical and healthcare technology.



Biomedical Engineering


Biomedical Engineering involves designing and creating medical and healthcare technology.

This is a priority industry, as there is a growing need for engineering solutions that restore function and aid in diagnosis, monitoring, rehabilitation, and delivery of care.


Biomedical Engineering

What will my study involve?

  • Study design, repair, maintenance, and implementation of new medical technologies.
  • Practical courses using lab equipment, from human performance monitors to performance capture software.
  • Internship and research project opportunities at hospitals and clinics both locally and overseas.
  • Check out clubs like UC BIOMED to engage in biomedical design projects, field trips, and events.

Biomedical Engineering

Career opportunities

With your practical skills and experiences working on a variety of medical devices, you will be able to help with global health challenges, for example our increasingly aging population, healthcare in the developing world, and a rise in illnesses from sedentary lifestyles.

Career pathways could include:

  • healthcare services
  • product design and manufacturing of medical devices
  • Quality Assurance (QA) testing and medical regulatory compliance
  • medical equipment maintenance.

Find out more about what you can do with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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