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Practical work, first aid and workshop training

21 November 2023

Our Mechanical Engineering students must complete non-academic course components. These are work experience, workshop training, and first aid. Learn more and see the workshop training requirements.


Practical work, first aid and workshop training

Engineering students must complete the non-academic course components (Work Experience, workshop training and first aid).


Workshop training requirements

To become familiar with safe workshop processes, you must undertake workshop training in the use of hand tools, drilling, milling, turning, and welding. The Department offers this 35-hour training course in the evenings or during the holidays in our dedicated training facility. You may also complete this training at an approved establishment.

It is strongly recommended that first-year students with little or no experience with engineering tools complete the core workshop course before the start of the second semester. This will be of considerable help to students in design and manufacturing courses.

In any case, the workshop training should have been completed before enrolling for any subject in the Third Year of study.


Enrol online

Students are now able to enrol in a Workshop Training course ENME199 via the Online Workshop Enrolment website. Classes will be finalised and students notified of their confirmed class groups shortly after Semester 1 commences.



Exemptions will be given to students who have completed an appropriate assessed workshop course, e.g. assessed mechanical engineering trade skills programme at level 2, toolmakers apprenticeship at level 4, National Diploma Mechanical Engineering at level 6. You must apply in writing to the Department's Practical Work Coordinator for an exemption within the first 2 weeks of joining the Department.

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