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Previously awarded PhDs

07 February 2024

From 3D printed chromatography to carbon nanomaterials, check out previously awarded PhDs in our department of Chemical and Process Engineering.


Previously Awarded PhDs

Carlos Cartin Caballero, Microbial waste gas conversion to biofeedstocks (2023)

Tenaya Driller, A Multiscale Analysis of the Mechanisms Responsible for Sap Exudation in Maple Trees (2023)

Navid Erfani, A novel method to design monolithic catalysts for non-isothermal packed bed reactors (2022)

Sam Nesbitt, Development of Solar Redox Flow Batteries (2022)

Jamie Robinson, Continuum modelling of granular flows (2022)

Xuemin (Jason) Li, The synthesis of ionic liquid-templated zeolites and its application (2021)

Mutjalin Limlamthong, Synthesis of MFI zeolite via Inter-Zeolite Transformation (2021)

Megan Danczyk, An examination of numerical models of dry and wet granular flow (2021)

Forogh Dashtestani, CO₂ capture performance of an innovative sorbent material from simulated biomass gasification producer gas (2021)

Sean Feast, Development and upscaling of 3D printed chromatography columns for virus purification (2021)

Jane Holt, A steady state and dynamic model for a steam methane reformer with higher hydrocarbons and carbon formation (2021)

Yejin (Jenny) Lee, Applications of Quantitative NMR using Benchtop NMR Spectrometer (2021)

Maral Mehdizad, Measurement of solid fraction and velocity during granular flow discharge from a silo (2021)

Maryam Shojaei, Optical and Electrochemical properties of the periodically patterned photoanode (2021)

Jaber Gharib, Controlled release fertiliser from pyrolysis bio-oil of pine wood residue (2020)

Anne Gordon, Development, functionalisation, and characterisation of triply periodic minimum surface hydrogels for solid-tolerant chromatography (2020)

Leatham Landon-Lane, Investigating electron transfer kinetics in redox flow batteries (2020)

Harshal Panidepu, In silico modelling of soft tissue scaffolds (2020)

Ben Reynolds, Simulation of flow and heat transfer in 3D printable triply periodic minimal surface heat exchangers (2020)

Maxime Savoie, Development of Photoelectrochemical anodes for solar redox flow batteries (2020)

Daniel Smith, Optimisation of eicosapentaenoic acid productivity from a New Zealand microalga in tubular photobioreactors (2020)

Samuel Martin Treceño, Ultra-High Temperature Electrolysis of Molten Oxides: Titanium Extraction from Ironmaking Slag (2020)

Luqmanulhakim Baharudin, Metal nanostructures supported on carbon nanomaterials as a novel catalyst for heterogeneous reactions (2019)

 Quang Dang, The effects of residual concentration and moisture content on pollutant removal and carbon recovery in a soil biofilter (2019)

Roger De Vela, The impact of metabolic uncouplers on the performance of toluene-degrading biotrickling filter (2019)

Asadhollah (Asad) Kariman, Electrochemical wastewater treatment at nanostructured anodes (2019)

Wasim Khan, Nanostructured catalytic architectures for CO oxidation and reduction (2019)

Michelle Kramer, Designing novel monolithic substrates for process intensification using additive manufacturing (2019)

Tom Meaclem, Investigation into the production and release behaviour of controlled release fertilisers (2019)

Hani Taleshiahangari, Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide using gold cathodes (2019)

Mehrnoush Tangestani Gholami, Improvement of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) production by the alga Trachydiscus sp. in concentric airlift photobioreactors (2019)

Tobias Baldoff, Electrochemical micromachining of aluminium for microfluidic devices (2018)

Daniel Clarke, Characterisation of granular flows using multiscale modelling (2018)

Gaetano Dedual, Flash pyrolysis of biomass for the production of renewable chemicals (2018)

Xicheng (Vincent) Jia, Functionalized zeolites with hierarchical and core-shell architectures (2018)

Nilanjana Mazumdar, 'Algal blushing' : characterization and bioprospecting of a novel alpine Haematococcus species from New Zealand for astaxanthin production (2018)

Suhas Nawada, The use of 3D-printing in the study of chromatographic packed bed microstructures (2018)

Pariya Noeparvar, Development of a computational framework for the prediction of free–ion activities, ionic equilibria and solubility in dairy liquids (2018)

Nurzhan Nursultanov, Joule heating of green Pinus radiata logs for phytosanitary purposes : an in-depth investigation by experimentation and computational modelling (2018)

Roya Rezanavaz, 3D printing of porous polymeric materials for stationary phases of chromatography columns (2018)

Balaji Subbiah, Physical properties of simple and complex sugar systems (2018)

Xing Xin, The effects of biomass pretreatments on catalytic fast pyrolysis (2018)

Yanjie (Jenny) Wang, Removal of H₂S, NH₃, and tars from the producer gas of biomass gasification by secondary measures (2018)

Fabian Dolamore,  In Silico analysis of flow and dispersion in ordered porous media (2017)

Vikas Gaur, Sedimentation reduction in UHT milk (2017)

Iman Hashemizadeh, Novel CO2 capture and conversion into fuels via artificial photosynthesis by artificial inorganic leaves (2017)

Calvin Lim, Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide on copper electrodes (2017)

Matthew MacDonald, Photo-Fenton catalysts supported on microporous materials for industrial pollutant oxidation (2017)

Jared Steven, The electrochemical and electrocatalytic behaviour of gold nanoparticles (2017)

Jimena Tejerina, Eicosapentaenoic acid-producing marine bacterium in the bioprocessing and aquaculture industries (2017)

Ziyin (Simon) Zhang, Tar formation and transformation in steam gasification of biomass in a dual fluidised bed gasifier (2017)

Achinta Bordoloi, Toluene degradation by an unsaturated biofilm : the impact of environmental parameters on the carbon end-points in biofiltration (2016)

Ursula Blank, Process design, conceptual planning, modification and expansion of honey processing (2016)

Sophia Mellsop, Development of electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline water electrolysis (2016)

Muhamad Fazly Abdul Patah, Non-slagging entrained flow gasification of pyrolysis oil from radiata pine woody biomass (2016)

Hang (Ben) Yin, Applications of porous inorganic-organic hybrid solid in membrane reactors and catalysis for hydrogen production (2016)

Kishore Gopalakrishnan, Isolation, characteristation and screening of New Zealand alpine algae for the production of secondary metabolites in photobioreactors (2015)

Seok Sean (Vivian) How, Experimental Investigation and Mathematical Modelling Of Mechanical Properties Of Shooks And Finger Jointed Timber (2015)

James Litchwark, Baghouse design for milk powder collection (2015)

Nargess Puladian, Development of an integrated system model for production of fischer-tropsch liquid fuels from woody biomass (2015)

Charlotte Pushparajan, Development and optimization of an in vitro process for the production of Oryctes nudivirus in insect cell cultures (2015)

Xiao Wei Tew, Fouling and cleaning of reverse osmosis membranes in the dairy industry (2015)

Tansy Wigley, Improving the quality of bio-oil by fast pyrolysis of acid leached and torrefied Pinus radiata (2015)

Michael Brech, Development of in-situ coated lactose particles during spray drying (2014)

Neha Chandrasekaran, The influence of amino acid properties on the adsorption of proteins and peptides to stainless steel surfaces (2014)

Janjira Hongrapipat, Removal of NH3 and H2S from Biomass Gasification Producer Gas (2014)

Prasanna Ponnumallayan, Development of a novel stimuli responsive filtration membrane using self-assembling peptides (2014)

Kannan Subramanian, Kinetics of insulin - insulin receptor interaction using a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) (2014)

Swaminathan Detchanamurthy, Impact of Different Metabolic Uncouplers on the Specific Degradation Rate of Toluene in a Differential Biofiltration Reactor (2013)

Prasanth Gopalakrishnan, Modelling of Biomass Steam Gasification in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasifier (2013)

Diandree Padayachee, Development of electrocatalysts for glycerol oxidation (2013)

Christopher Penniall, Fischer-Tropsch Based Biomass to Liquid Fuel Plants in the New Zealand Wood Processing Industry Based on Microchannel Reactor Technology (2013)

Jason Ryan, Screening and production of eicosapentaenoic acid producing bacteria isolated from New Zealand marine organisms (2013)

Balaji Somasundaram, A surface plasmon resonance assay to determine the effect of influenza neuraminidase mutations on its affinity with antiviral drugs (2013)

Qixiang Xu, Investigation of Co-Gasification Characteristics of Biomass and Coal in Fluidized Bed Gasifiers (2013)

Mook Tzeng Lim, Hydrodynamics of a Cold Model of a Dual Fluidized Bed Gasification Plant (2012)

Seema Dean, Influence of the growth conditions on the properties of bacterial cellulose produced in a rotating-bioreactor (2011)

Kang Lu, Modelling of Multicomponent Diffusion and Swelling in Protein Gels (2011)

Andre Pinkert, Investigations on the use of ionic liquids for superior biomass processing (2011)

Scott Stelting, Inoculant production and formulation of Pseudomonas sp. strain ADP (2011)

Sunday Boladale Alabi, Development and Implementation of an Online Kraft Black Liquor Viscosity Soft Sensor (2010)

Manoj Dubey, Improvements in stability, durability and mechanical properties of radiata pine wood after heat-treatment in a vegetable oil (2010)

Feng Gao, Pyrolysis of waste plastics into fuels (2010)

Rebecca (Becky) Macdonald, Investigations into the Pilot Scale Separation of Protein and Starch Biopolymers from Oat Cereal (2010)

Gershom Mwandila, Determination of Design Parameters and Investigation on Operation Performance for an Integrated Gas Cleaning System to Remove Tars from Biomass Gasification Producer Gas (2010)

Syed M. Saufi Tuan Chik, Mixed Matrix Membrane Chromatography for Bovine Whey Protein Fractionation (2010)

Jaganmohan Billakanti, Extraction of high-value minor proteins from milk (2009)

Vinod Babu Damodaran, Solid-Phase Protein PEGYlation:  Achieving mono PEGYlation through molecular tethering (2009)


Previously Awarded MEs

Emma Buckeridge, Investigating the feasibility of light (in)dependent continuous cultivation of an Extremophilic Algae, Galdieria sp. RTK37.1 (2022)

Rebecca Newport, Investigation of alkali metal oxides as supporting electrolytes for metal production via high temperature molten oxide electrolysis (2021)

Zain Kader, Sustainable Recycling Technologies for Lithium-ion Batteries (2021)

Ahmed Elashkar, Adsorption of alkenes by nonporous small-molecule adsorbents (2020)

Harry Hunter, Investigation into the enzyme-aided extraction and macroporous resin purification of anthocyanins from blackcurrants (ribes nigrum) (2020)

Nick Jackson, Fog Dispersion for Airports by Hygroscopic Superabsorbant Polymer (2020)

Theo Palmer, Investigative Analysis of Fluid removal (2020)

Isaac Severinsen, The parameter estimation and refinement of a steam-methane reformer model (2020)

Ben Houlton, Enhancing packed bed geometry using computational fluid dynamic simulations (2019)

Jonathan Ring, Treatment of and recovery of zinc from spent pickling liquors (2019)

Nicholas Weaver, Thermodynamic characterisation and simulation for the electrolytic extraction of titanium from oxide melts (2019)

Alivia Alfiarty, Optimization of culture medium performance for growth of microalga Trachydiscus sp. LCR-Awa9/2 (2018)

Rahman Hadi, Steam gasification of rice husk pellets in a dual fluidized-bed gasifier for hydrogen-rich producer gas (2018)

Thomas Hughes, The development of ultra-high temperature experimental capabilities for the electrolytic extraction of titanium from New Zealand steel’s iron slag (2018)

Chien Lue (Ruth) Ang, Continuous production and supercritical extraction of acetone, butanol and ethanol by Clostridium acetobutylicum fermentation (2017)

Joshua Gallaher, The feasibility of methane as a feed-source for a microbial fuel cell (2017)

Steven Chester, Investigating Retrofitting an Existing Geothermal Power Plant with a Biomass Gasifier for Additional Power Generation (2016)

Patrick Fauth, An investigation into the large scale separation of equine blood plasma (2016)

Ben Graham, Development and scale-up design of a microchannel Fischer-Tropsch synthesis reactor for synthetic fuel production from biomass synthesis gas (2016)

Rahul Sharma, Investigation of factors affecting warping of triboard (2016)

Shradha Chandrasekaran, Peptide Affinity Extraction Of β-Lactoglobulin From Milk (2015)

Hannu Out, Thermal profile and kinetic analysis of Arc-Reactor anode: Finite element analysis (2014)

Evelyn, Mediator combined gaseous substrate for electricity generation in microbial fuel cells (MFCs) and potential integration of a MFC into an anaerobic biofiltration system (2013)

Olga Kolokolova, Biomass Pyrolysis and Optimisation for Bio-bitumen (2013)

Yan (Lee) Li, The Current Response of a Mediated Biological Fuel Cell with Acinetobacter calcoaceticus: The Role of Mediator Adsorption and Reduction Kinetics (2013)

Ben Plummer, The influence of pH on the binding of immunoglobulin G to staphylococcal protein A (2013)

John Stevenson, Study and development of a digitally based optimal state space/fuzzy logic control system for the department's existing 230mm glass distillation column (2013)

Keng Lin (Jason) Ang, Investigation of rheological properties of concentrated milk and the effect of these properties on flow within falling film evaporators (2011)

Harminder Singh, Modelling of shear sensitive cells in stirred tank reactor using computational fluid dynamics (2011)

Kang Yuon Wong, Scaling up the production of protein nanofibres (2011)

Ziyin (Simon) Zhang, An Experimental Study of Catalytic Effects on Reaction Kinetics and Producer Gas in Gasification of Coal-Biomass Blend Chars with Steam (2011)

Arie Kristiono, Wood Drying Condensate Treatment Using a Bio – Trickling Filter with Bark Chips as a Support Medium (2009)

Hamish McKinnon, Improved hydrogen production from biomass gasifiction in a dual fluidised bed reactor (2009)

Yun Xin (Eric) Wang, Properties and distortion of douglas-fir with comparison to radiata pine (2009)

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